Zomato chatting with a customer about lost food and love is a lesson for all bots

By Abhishek |Email | Aug 9, 2017 | 23562 Views

Think Zomato and you think food. And while food might be love for many, Zomato doesnt exactly bring wooing and love to mind. But as this interesting conversation the Zomato chat bot had with a customer proves, the app has one heck of a chat bot that knows just how to woo customers back. The incident took place in Delhi with a lawyer by the name of Krisshna Sarswat who placed a food order using the Zomato app. What followed is one hilarious learning lesson every bot must take!
Sarswats order was delayed and he decided to complain about it on the app. Instead of calling up, he simply entered into a chat with the apps chat bot. Most apps and websites now offer live chat services and a majority of the times, there are bots that operate these chats. As clinical as conversations with bots often are, at times, the bot can be engaging and surprise  just what Sarswat was about to discover. The discussion began normally enough  with Sarswat complaining and the bot asking him to wait. However, soon, the bot began to play Sarswats game and the banter between the two continued. 

The conversation was surprisingly interspersed with emoticons, with the bot responding in the same light tone as the customer. Soon the order was delivered but the bot kept up the conversation. After making quite a few references to Swiggy, the (now jealous) bot ensured that Zomato does not lose a customer and even added Rs 400 Zomato credits to his account! Zomato is clearly true love as the bot says and Swiggy just a distraction. ALSO READ: Zomato reveals how it was hacked, and what its doing to make the platform more secure

Sarswat took to Facebook to share screenshots of the interaction with the Zomato bot on Facebook and the conversation has left everyone pleasantly stunned. This is not the first time the Zomato bot has acted out of character and surprised customers. Previously, the bot had shown concern over a customers smoking habits and asked the customer to quit smoking. The conversation and screenshots had gone viral back then too.

Many have suggested that it could be a customer service executive messing with the responses but it seems impossible as Zomato announced the bot-based chat helpline in India back in 2015. As artificial intelligence is making greater inroads in every possible avenue, the bots are getting smarter and more realistic. Previously, there were rumors of Facebook shutting down the AI project because the system bots created their own language, one which Facebook developers could not understand.
Zomato is yet to respond to the message but as more and more bots are set to take over the world, it definitely does no harm to see one that can put a smile on the face.

Source: bgr.in