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Artificial Intelligence in Retail-Case Study: The North Face

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 "Artificial Intelligence in Retail - Case Study: The North Face", a Best Practices report by GlobalData, is one among the many offerings in Digital Industry product line up, which provides business overview of the company, and a case study focused on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the enterprise.

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- Business Challenges: This section provides key business challenges faced by the company and how the company addressed them.
- Context: This section provides an overview of the client‚??s business, technology under focus and technology vendor details..
- Solutions Deployed: This section provides details about the solutions deployed by the enterprise.
- Deployment Process & Challenges: This section includes details about deployment of the technology and challenged faced during the implementation.
- Benefits Realized: This section analyses benefits realized by the company after implementing the technology/solution.
- Next Steps: This section provides details about the company‚??s future plans related to technology investment, implementation and use.

Reasons to buy

- This best practices report provides a brief overview of The North Face, identifies key business challenges and how the company planned to overcome those challenges using AI.
- The report drives special focus on The North Face‚??s deployment of ‚??AI‚?? and the benefits the company realized following the technology‚??s deployment and implementation.
- The report provides an in-depth insight into the technology deployment, and the challenges faced by the company during technology implementation, enabling the vendor to focus on those issues.

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