Best Resources to learn CODE

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 31, 2019 | 12363 Views

How to learn to code? Best resources available online? How to choose a personal project to work on? Thoughts on getting a computer science degree or going to coding boot camp!

The first step 
Learning to code is to learn some programming fundamentals and for this step, you would recommend with one of those interactive websites like Code Academy or free code camp. So the way these websites works is actually really cool, your works is to go to one of those websites and you can basically just start typing your code away and check if your code is correct.  It's actually pretty unusual because if you want to do coding usually you first need to set up some kind of special environment on your computer. And if you are a beginner it's actually really easy to get stuck just trying to set up the right environment.
You know installing the right things and set up the right things so I would say these websites are super helpful for getting started with coding right away. But if we prefer learning from videos instead of you know reading too much, you would be recommended with the websites like the plural site and Both of which have good video courses. So just pick one of those websites and on that website search for something like programming fundamentals or Python for beginners and whatever you choose to try to use their free resources and free trials as much as possible because that way you'll be able to learn.

You know most of the programming fundamentals are for free and you'll be able to see which website you like the most. So at this stage really focus on learning common programming basics so these are things like variables functions, arrays or lists, depending on the language that you're using for loops, If statements and even classes and objects. 

The second step
 After that, it will be to start building your first personal project. When it comes to building a personal project the most common question is: How should I choose which project to work on? There are basically three criteria like which project to work on.
 First of all, you should choose something that you're interested in building or that you're interested in doing. For example if you're like playing video games you might want to create a simple video game , if you like photography maybe you can build a portfolio website, where you can show off all your best photos and if you like trading stocks or even Bitcoins maybe you can build a system that analyzes stock charts for you . Whatever you choose it's really important to choose something that you can keep motivated about and the second point to consider is you should start with something that's really simple.

So if you want to be able to say a video game don't start with something really complex like legal lessons but start with something simpler like flappy bird or even tic-tac-toe. If you want to build a website don't start with something complete like Facebook but just start with a to-do list website and then go from there.
Once you start learning programming fundamentals and once you start building your first personal project, actually its very likely that you get stuck at some point and it's very natural because you're beginner and programming is actually really hard. 

You should just first try using Google and Stack Overflow, then if you can't find anything that's relevant on there you can also ask something yourself on Stack Overflow, just keep in mind that it might take a while to get an answer say 2 to 3 weeks or longer. Other than that for asking questions websites like Reddit, for the learn programming subreddit or language-specific subreddit are recommended.  For example the Python: ones if you're interested in learning Python Facebook groups, for example, the free code camp Earths Facebook group which is basically a group of people who are trying to learn to code together and again language-specific groups. For example groups for Java and in addition to all of that getting involved with offline communities is also a good idea to get help and advice in person. For example, you can use meetup.comm on meetup comm you can just search for the kinds of events you're interested in. 

Once you have a meaningful connection that way, you know either right there or after the event. You can start asking for help, you know learning specific technologies or for getting a job and one piece of advice for you. Here you would be to not just ask for help but also offer help for example by volunteering your time to you know local organizations and that way you'll be able to build trust more quickly and build you know meaningful connections more quickly.

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