How you can build a website in an hour?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 30, 2019 | 7179 Views

This video will give you a way where you can create a website from scratch in just a few minutes and there is a step by step method which is very simple. 
Now before we get started let's go over a couple things and well get right into building the website. Website Hosting is where your website is going to live online. It is where all your content is stored all your photos and videos and basically, everything that's on your website is stored. If you're going to build a house before you can actually start building you would need the land to put the house on so just try to think of the domain name as the house and the hosting is the land website hosting. Normally cost about 60 to $100 a year sometimes more. 
So the first thing we will do is click on this green get started button and this is where we're going to choose our free domain name. So whatever you want your website to be called you can check here to see if it's available and once you decide on the name you can just enter it. Click on select and continue and as you can see our promo code has been applied to our entire year of hosting so we got the discount which is cool. Now click on create account alright and now we're going to fill out this form for our GoDaddy account and some of this information is going to be blurred out just for privacy reasons.
Obviously but all we will do is enter the email address. Then you will be going to come up with the username and the password and then the pin number. These can be anything you want just make sure you guys save all the simple steps somewhere so when you need to login to GoDaddy. Now enter the information and then click on the green button. You can pay through any of the payment methods after this. 

To the next step okay so what we are going to do now is click on this blue add site button and they were just going to leave everything like it builds a brand new site. And then make sure you save that information somewhere ok and then after you do that you can just click on add and this is just currently installing WordPress for us alright and that's it WordPress is Installed. That is the simple one-click WordPress install right there for you and now we're just going to click on this blue WP admin button. Then once we get to this page just go ahead and click on no thanks and that will just automatically take you to your WordPress dashboard and this is the place where you go whenever you want to edit your site. 

Now we are back on WordPress, you need to edit something on your site so what we're going to do is open up a new tab and then you will going to take your website and put it in and then put the slash WP dash admin after the .com or dotnet whatever your domain is.  This will take us right back to the WordPress dashboard and we can start finally building the actual site alright.

Now we got WordPress and our hosting installed so now we can go on and start building the actual web site. So the first thing we are going to do is install our theme so we will go over to appearance and then we will click on themes. And then, we are just going to edit our site title and then we're going to add a tagline.  Then we're going to change our background here so we're going to go up here to customize. Click on the background image to click change image and then you can just go here to upload files and then you pick your file. Then after that's done click on publish.
Now we're going to add a featured image to our page this is basically just an image that people are going to see along with some of this text before they see the actual post. So to do that was going to click on the featured image and then set featured image. Now click on publish so now if we go to our website's homepage you'll see that our first page is up with our featured image and our title and some of our content is here. So now we can go back over here and now 
After that, this is what my website looks like now with all those posts up. Now you will see how to get rid of some of this stuff? were just going to go over here where it says footer copyright area and then this is all the stuff right here, whatever you don't want a click to delete. 
When you're building your website you guys want to fill it with your own content but this is just to give you an idea of what your website could look like.

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