Development of the Fashion Industry through personalization tools of Artificial Intelligence

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 25, 2019 | 7524 Views

Similarly to almost every single industry, through the technological revolution which is ongoing, the fashion industry has been stormed. Recent evolutions in the technologies which are causing trouble such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others are leading us all towards the 4th Industrial Age.
In the fashion sector, we mostly see how fashion is being used to improve and personalize the relationship of the fashion industry with its users. Artificial Intelligence is enabling brands to better personalize their offering to consumers, for example via approval engines showing certain kinds of styles and garments based on the users previous browsing. This is something that might have become quite evident by now, to most of us, all the time glued to all kinds of screens.
The fashion industry is enhancing just because of the Woodhouse Clothing, who recently announced how it has implemented a new artificial intelligence powered embodiment scheme. The schemes of Woodhouse is using Nostos artificial intelligence to personalize web and email experiences, thus enabling Fashion shoppers to make a purchase in quite a unique way.
According to their recent press release, the introductions of their artificial intelligence based personalization exactly means that the shoppers who are visiting fashion retailer of men which is online, Woodhouse Clothing, are now 44% more likely to make a purchase. The advanced technology has also increased the order value of the retailers, up to 7% as it can be used through mobiles and desktops.  A lot of shopping carts is also down by 3%.
Nosto developed the Woodhouse technology which uses the techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms which are statistical for predicting and delivering the experience of shopping to the online visitors. Through the Nostos platform, Woodhouse is able to deliver the email campaigns which are personalized. This platform helps the Woodhouse in enhancing the experience of the customers on the pages of the product by displaying the more accurate recommendations of cross-selling. The visitors are easily identified and presented with recommendations which are personalized to the preferences of brand, style, and product.
 Email personalization
The sales and the customer's loyalty is increased by the Nosto which is used by Woodhouse for the personalization of email campaigns. Nostos personalization engine uses the power of big data to build a deep understanding of an online retailers store and every visitor interacting with it, allowing it to use machine learning to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant content to those visitors. It helps to maximize e-commerce conversions, average order value, and customer retention.
About Woodhouse Clothing
Since 1975, Woodhouse Clothing has been paving the way for modern menswear. Now a premium online retailer, its unique portfolio of over 50 brands includes BOSS, Armani, and CP Company, alongside new and niche brands, such as McQ, Albam and Woolrich. Forty years on, Woodhouse still embodies its original values, housing only the best brands on the global market, with the aim of bringing that personal touch back to the world of retail.

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