For multiple sectors what is the value of real-time data analysis

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 24, 2019 | 6468 Views

These days, there are ample of businesses which are started just to know the true potential of gathering and examining the data which is of huge quantity in real time. The cases which are already being discovered the enterprises are becoming proactive with them by leveraging the data of real-time to analyzing the situations of the real-time, predicting the events of future,  the process of business is improved by taking the spontaneous actions, regulation is being adhered and the experience of the customer is enhanced.

There is a survey which was published by Harvard Business Review that reported that the respondents have increased the spending for the solutions of customer analytics on real time. There are several industries which are getting profited by the data analysis of real time.

 Retail and eCommerce
To be competitive for prices, the retailers which are online are reacting spontaneously to the promotion of the competitors and better offers are being generated at the sub-second latency. The trends of the price are predicted through storing and analyzing the data which is of vast amount and ensures that the offers are the leading one which they have. 
Customers are provided with the best deals, shoppers are recommended with the product which is highly personalized and mainly based on the data of real-time which is combined with the historical information about the past preferences and purchases. 

Financial trading and risk analysis
For the financial institutions, the profits are equalized through speed. There are firms which are utilizing the engines which are very fast which help them to ensure that they find the best venues for trades at any time which is provided. The system of trading imports various events at the speed which is extreme for the transactional processing speeds. During the trading hours, intraday risk analysis and future prices of the stock is predicted through which they will run the capabilities of machine learning of real time.

Transportation services
Data of real-time and analytics is accessed by the transportation companies for having the spontaneous view of the operators and vehicles, and to take action for the greater efficiency and for the passenger's personal safety is protected. For the maintenance of vehicles, advanced analytics insights generate the recommendations for avoiding any kind of disturbances in the services due to the equipment which is having a fault and life of the equipment is extended through it. 

The network performance is enhanced by the telecommunication companies to take care of the frustration faced by the customers due to lack of coverage and stuttering video. From every component like routers, switches or storage, Anamolies are easily detected in the network within a real-time window. For solving the issue of the performance, alarms are triggered and immediate action is taken by the operators.
Real-time analysis is an essential capability of provides the customer experience which is excellent and to improve profitability. Everything will become possible from satisfying the customer's expectation to improving the competitive edge of the company due to the technology which is advanced and can deliver information which is usable at a good speed.

Source: HOB