Courses which can enhance your skills in deep learning and artificial intelligence

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Here are two courses by famous writers which will help you in building your skills in deep learning and artificial intelligence.  
Deep learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence
This course is the leading one which is started by Andrew Ng, who is the Cofounder of Coursera and he is also the professor at Stanford University. This course will help you with mastering in artificial intelligence and having a complete edge of it. And the engineers who have mastered in deep learning are sorted and they have a way with several opportunities for their career. Deep learning is an additional power which will help you to build the systems of artificial intelligence which were not possible earlier. 
This course will help you learn the depth of deep learning, after going through this course you will get to know the trends of  major technologies which will drive deep learning, you will be easily able to build with the deep neural networks which are fully connected, and you will enhance with  implementing the neural networks which are more efficient and you will have a depth knowledge of the main parameters in the architecture of the neural networks. 
You will also be taught with the workings of deep learning, rather than the description which is of ground level. After this course will get you will be easily able to apply the techniques of deep learning in your applications. Through this course, you will also be able to attend the questions in the interview if you are looking from the perspective of your career. If you want to get specialized in deep learning, this is the leading course.
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Deep learning with tensorFlow
If you want to access deep learning more easily fro the engineers and the data scientists, this free course of Deep Learning is launched by Google. This is a very precise course which will guide you with the basic tool and the vocabulary of deep learning, and will also give you the way of using those tools and addressing some of the major problems of machine learning. this course is also accompanied by the notebooks of Tensor Flow which are interactive and will help you to find out the concepts which are discussed in the lectures.
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