Future of Blockchain and artificial intelligence

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 17, 2019 | 11286 Views

Blockchain is a secret story which deals with the foundation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. When blockchain is compared to big data distributed database like MongoDB which is traditional, what is different in it. Computers have the ability to simulate the sensation of the brain, take action and make interactions and the ability of cognition. A Blockchain is a leading approach which helps you in monitoring the transaction either it is financial or other transactions. Here you will have a rough idea of what is the demand of these technologies in the future as these technologies have superpowers that are to control the system of artificial intelligence which is widely used.
 How our life is affected by the technologies of the future? Robots will take how many jobs? And what will be left the number of jobs for human beings, it is really difficult to predict these things. The development of the software will decrease with the concepts of machine learning and its not too far where humans will be jobless due to these advanced technologies.  Artificial intelligence will have its own leading team which will contain the hardware, software and the trained programs of machine learning which helps to facilitate planning, coordination, control, and decision making in an organization. The industries which are traditional are transformed by the technologies which are disruptive.  
For digital business, both artificial intelligence and blockchain are the closed components. Blockchain will help us in verifying, executing and recording whereas artificial intelligence will help you in making the decisions, for the assessment, and for recognizing and understanding. The methods of machine learning which are already a part of artificial intelligence help us to find the opportunity and improve the process of making the decision, and on the other hand, blockchain can easily automate the process having the verification of the parts which are transactional. Advanced innovative solutions are required by the industries which are connected as in trend the human errors are replaced by the technical failure.
Blockchain might have the habit of using the files of a digital human mind. The formulation of the thought process of the human mind and the process of thinking which is ongoing to the files which are digitally readable and saving them on the devices if physical machine storage. The current prototypes will also be benefited by blockchain, digital amenities like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. through the management of assets, registration of the property and having access for the features of control it will easily become accessible, you can sell it easily and it is marketable also.  Blockchains concept is a new form of information technology could have several important future applications. 
Blockchain matter to foundations of data management and for bitcoin also it provides the foundation which is mind game and gives you the result of having the good process of though having ingredients of artificial intelligence and machine learning and their components which are there. Perhaps the first and most straightforward element needed for thinking is a memory. For blockchain computational purposes, a position can be articulated that each memory is a discrete unit and that these discrete units are encoded and stored somewhere. 
There is a big question these days that how will the bank sector get revolutionize through artificial intelligence as it is clear that artificial intelligence is probable and it is changing very constantly and its algorithm for guessing the reality and on the other hand blockchain is deterministic which is normally permanent and can record reality with its algorithm and the cryptography. It is noted that artificial intelligence has taken some moves into the banking as well, and also expected that it will revolutionalize with how the interaction will be done by customers. If we see the future, we can see how blockchain can help the system of artificial intelligence. As the trend which is developing for the system of the operation support and the billing which is convergent and for the storage of money which is in digital numbers that are not limited by a single standard.

Source: HOB