Blockchain: What is the future of its companies?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 10, 2019 | 10413 Views

Is the current internet right? No. The internet currently is not perfect because there is no clarity of collecting and storing the information of the private users. The browsing habit of the user is tracked by the tech giants like Facebook and Google is created by the Pixels and Cookies. The data which is controlled by internet is centralized and only a few individuals who are powerful can control it which is governments and corporations. It is proved that the key element for success is the possession of the information of the market, especially for the platforms of P2P marketplace. Earlier we have seen the increment in the marketplace which displays the view of important information and how potentials of the revenue can be opened through possessing data.
 The value of the network mainly depends on how the company helps in facilitating and curates the transactions of the quality value, especially where information is asymmetrical in the industries and markets. The marketplace which is high functioning has the capability of holding the information and leveraging it. The value of these networks will only be increased when it will achieve the product market will bring more users to join the network.
 Ethereum network is introduced
The view of the internet system which is decentralized and markets seems to be idealistic, which is reality is not too far. Here you can check out the technology of blockchain and the Ethereum network. This network is mainly the public network of blockchain which runs the superior contacts that can be operated by us that facilitates the automatic change of the value after meeting certain conditions.  The golem project which is also known as Airbnb for the power of computing is the company which is building on the Ethereum network. The users who are renting their computing power receive GNT's from the users who are using the supercomputers. The one who is using the supercomputers are also benefited with the accessing power of the solutions of cloud computing which is very cost effective, and income can also be gained by the renters for the power which is unused on their personal devices.
Future of blockchain: Utopian or Dystopian?
The conclusion is that with the proliferation of the technology of Blockchain and the Ethereum Network, there is very less gap to reach the reality where value can be exchanged from P2P without any mediators.  Transactions related to value can be programmed in code, which is verified through the collaboration of mass, and interferences. Through this technology, we get to have many more opportunities which we have not seen earlier. It not only gives the capability for pervading and making use of a digital currency, but also turned the recent models of commerce, finance, and many other industries. In the upcoming years, blockchain will decentralize the entire marketplace and the process of maximizing the economic efficiency.

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