Data Scientist Should Have These Applications In Their Mobile Phones

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jan 9, 2019 | 23694 Views

Data Science and Machine Learning are changing the world and here with the help of following applications, one can easily increase their skills. And these applications can be accessed from anywhere and most important this didn't charge a single penny from learner's. These apps can improve your listening skills, logical skills, decision-making skills, mathematical skills, statistical skills and much more.
Brain Training

1. Elevate (Rating - 4.5, Size - 38.80 MB)
It is a personalized brain training program designed to improve your cognitive skills. Your brain training session includes 3 exercises every day. The exercises are selected on your past performance. If you are found to be weak in a certain aspect, you can expect those exercises to repeat frequently.  This app has various training programs but is limited in a FREE version. Still, it succeeds in providing an exhilarating experience.

2. Lumosity (Rating - 4.1, Size - 49.71 MB)
Lumosity is a personalized brain training program and has over 40 fun games. These games are intuitive enough to challenge your core thinking. This app will help you to improve reading, writing, logical and mathematical skills. The personalized training programs are really interesting and addictive. You get 3 exercises for brain training every day. Advanced exercises are unlocked, which can be availed with payment.

3. Neuro Nation (Rating - 4.5, Size - 18.32 MB)
This is a fitness app for your brain. This can help you with improvement in memory, concentration, logical thinking and intelligence. It comprises of a various set of exercises, creatively designed more than 60 programs. It also allows you to challenge your peers and measure your weekly performance. You'll get limited programs in unpaid version. Still, they are worth trying. If you sincerely use these apps, for a few minutes every day, it can bring a huge change in your life.

4. Math Workout (Rating - 4.2, Size - 2.71 MB)
Do you want to become good with numbers? This app would help you with that. You should now feel comfortable doing numerical calculations of any type. This skill helps a lot in all stages of lives. In short, you must develop your mental math skills. Train your mind such that it can do numerical computation on fingertips. This is a beginner level app. It has various interesting exercises to help you acquire mathematical intuition.

5. Math Tricks (Rating - 4.4, Size - 6.90 MB)
This app is for advanced users. I'd recommend this app for every person aspiring to become a data scientist. You need to be smart with maths. Here you'll find useful tricks for speeding up mathematical calculations. It comprises of tricks for the square number, percentage, division, addition, exponent and much more. For every trick, it has 15 levels. You can also compete with your friends in multiplayer mode. Your performance statistics are also tracked.

 Programming / Data Analysis Tools

1. QPython (Rating - 4.4, Size - 13.17 MB)
This app allows you to run python on your mobile. It assists your android device to run python scripts and projects. Having been highly appreciated on the play store, this app works best on python 2.7. It consists of Python interpreter, console, editor, and the SL4A Library for Android. It also includes many useful python libraries. It can also execute python code & files from QR codes. Thus, you are no longer limited to run python by your machines.

2. Learn Python (Rating - 4.7, Size - 4.77 MB)
You are no longer required to stick to your machines to learn Python. Here's a python tutorial for your android device. This tutorial covers python basics, data types, control structures, function, and modules, exceptions, working with files, functional programming, object-oriented programming and much more. For an enhanced learning experience, this tutorial includes fill in blanks, true-false, re-arrange, and question-answers. It's a great resource for beginners interested in python.

3. R Programming (Rating - 3.8, Size - 561 KB)
Just like Python, you can learn R too on your android devices. This app introduces you to basics of R Programming. Consider it as a shorted version of swirl in R. I'd recommend this app for complete beginners. It consists of Vectors, Functions, Matrices, Factors, Data Frames, Lists and much more. After completing this tutorial, you'd become ready to undertake your first data analysis.

4. Excel Tutorial (Rating - 4.2, Size - 9.05 MB)
Not just R or Python, you can also learn excel on your android device. This is one of the most recommended excel tutorials on play store. This app comprises of tutorials covering a wide range of excel topics from basic to advanced levels. It covers topics such as sorting, filtering, pivot table, keyboard shortcuts, what-if analysis etc. You better start managing your time and choose to invest in these apps. Surely, you'll experience a significant improvement in your knowledge.

5. Termux (Rating - 4.8, Size - 134KB )
Termux offers a powerful interface with an extensive Linux package collection. This app allows you to run text-based games with frotz, projects with git and subversion, use python console, access servers, edit files with nano and vim and much more on your android devices. You can also install desired packages using an in-built apt package manager known from the Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions.
Hence, with these mobile applications, one can easily get to know about the data science and the most important thing that we needn't pay a single penny to gain insights from these applications.

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