Guide for becoming a data engineer

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The rates of unemployment are at a lower phase and the economy is booming. There are many companies who are facing the shortage of data engineers and wanted some professionals with high skills. It is really difficult to get skills for both data scientist and data engineer in the same file while taking the step towards it is the personal choice which profiles you want your career to be in. these two data scientist and data engineer might look the same profile, but both are different functions of big data.

Data scientists are the one who only interacts with the infrastructures of data, having statistical and mathematical skills and a deep concept of machine learning too. Data infrastructures need a proper architecting, maintaining and generating data from it. In this field, you need to have a strong concept of the language which is popular for scripting and the major tools which are used in creating the infrastructures of strong data analytics. If you are starting your degree with computer science or information technology, while you are proceeding you need to have good knowledge on certification of data engineering which will help you to validate the expertise so that you can always access the tools and languages which are approved.

Solutions of the master database

For data engineering, you require a deep knowledge of the solutions of a database while they are creating the infrastructures of data. SQL should be the priority of your list. Try and go for the freelancing, throw in the knowledge of multiple platforms too like Bigtable and Cassandra.

Knowledge about Data Warehouse and ETL

This is the other step data warehouse and creating the architecture of extraction transformation loading. Choose the leading companies which are popular in the market like Amazon Redshift, Paraccel, and Cloudera while you are learning about the solutions of data warehousing. You should always keep in mind about the storage and the aspects of the retrieval of data while dealing with the data which is astronomical in the proportions.

Hadoop Analytics

This is the largest part of the entire ecosystem. You should have a deep knowledge about some tools which are HBase, Sqoop, Hive, Pig.

Code it like a Pro

Your code game should be speeding as dealing and architecture with the various platforms infrastructure of a huge amount of data having an in-depth knowledge of C/C++, Java, Python, Golang, etc. will lead you forward.

Get the complete picture

Computer science and information technology are the dynamic areas for working and you need to have a hybrid qualification for this. While having certification in data engineering will make your career in the expertise field which is mandatory for your career.

Some courses from multiple sites are:

Cloudera, Course: CCP Data Engineer

Course: Google's Certified Professional- Data Engineer

Course: Associate Big Data Engineer from DASCA

Course: IBM Certified Data Engineer- Big data

Enrolling and browsing these certifications keeps a tab for the events that mainly focuses on the data industries these courses will help you to have a leading growth.

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