Artificial intelligence: Mind vs machine

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 8, 2019 | 13785 Views

Building computers that have the ability to think like humans might be the turning point in today's technology. There is a battle between the worlds leading systems of artificial intelligence which are advanced. The main motive for it is to find if the computer can easily act more like a human or not. It is noticed that technology is not only changing but also raising some questions about what the human work means to be.
It was said by Elon Musk that artificial intelligence is more harmful to humans rather than nuclear weapons. Human brains have the capability to grasp much more information than the computers. Computers just have the ability to perform better at smart activities. On the other hand, brains have the ability to process and sort the information parallel to the computers. Computers have more energy efficiency than the computers which might change the technology advances. When we talk about storing the right information, it is seen that there is no long way to go for technology. As computers have huge memorizing tools and humans do not have it. But DNA has the ability to hold more data than any other digital memory place. 
Making the things better, brains and DNA shows us the way of storing and processing the digital information. The new approaches like quantum computing or 3D neural processing make us realize the potential. As per the computer scientists, artificial intelligence and machine learning will work simultaneously for the invention to give it speed. The idea which machines can get for you are much smarter and are also important for us. Learning machine is almost different from the other technologies. And smart machines have the capability to make them smart.
 Machine learning has already become a reality, but there are people who do not realize it. When you have interaction with Google, Netflix, etc are all influenced by machines which makes them better. For the interpretation of the data and learning the forecasts which are missed and the new correlations of the companies is done through machine learning only. These days digital technologies are trending and they are cheap as well as helpful. Technology mainly lies behind the development of the world and it also alters the life of humans. Every job and human activities are affected by machine learning. it is taking all the industries in a way which nobody could even imagine a few years ago. There are multiple opportunities through the advancing artificial intelligence. And every business thinks that what will it bring in the upcoming time?

Source: HOB