Cloud: Safely keeps your data. Why?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 7, 2019 | 6690 Views

Not convinced for storing all your data in the cloud? If so, no you are not the only one. This term cloud is very unclear and its really hard to wrap your brain. For making the cloud more real, think cloud to be the safest place to store your data, by using some points:

People have many things which need to be protected as it has a higher cost. And after applying multiple precautions, they still have some security gaps. For them, they have the option to keep their things in the bank where your specious things are safe in the locker. That is what actually the cloud is. Similarly, when you use the cloud in storing the data, it no longer exists on the hard drive. But anyhow you have a better place for keeping your data, your data cannot be lost or destroyed in a fire because of an equipment malfunction. Advanced data security systems are employed by good cloud vendors. 

Cost of putting the cameras for security or having someone to look upon your property for the whole time would be high. But we prefer the safe mode of depositing. Cloud is the cheapest than the way we do things ourselves. If you are an enterprise there is no need to own a physical facility if a huge amount of data is handled.  You can easily avoid purchasing the software and can eliminate the investment in standalone servers. When the whole data is transferred to the cloud, the overall IT expenses can drop down.

All your data can easily be stored safely in the deposit locker but the big materials cant be stored. Similarly, whatever you are transferring to the cloud it needs to be selective and relevant. There are some applications which are to be virtualized and others are not. And the new applications are good for keeping them in the cloud. For virtualization, systems which are outdated are not good for many candidates. Not even the applications having a license not allowing the virtualization. Be specific, while moving data to the cloud.
Cloud can easily be accessed by people worldwide, which results in the globalization of the workforce and as data and documents collaboration of new level can easily be accessed or shared by anyone with the cloud. Even companies are no longer dependent on the employees or restricted within the boundaries of time and location. 

Cloud offers you with the capability of monitoring the accessed data and identify by whom it was accessed. The login details, log out details and what is the data which is accessed can easily be verified through the cloud.

Up gradation of new data is the key benefit of the cloud. As the storing place of data needs fluctuation, and the storage system of the cloud can easily provision and de-provision the resources dynamically for matching the current demands. You will always have the resources which you need as the cloud is the safest deposit locker for your data.

Source: HOB