2019 Artificial Intelligence helps you to overcome hackers and scammers

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 7, 2019 | 16191 Views

As the year begins there are some researchers start investing the ways for depending on the artificial intelligence for breaking the cybercriminals which are hackers and scammers. Here are some steps through which technology might help you to make a profit this year.

New threats: Protect your network

For recognizing the threat, the most known software is antivirus and malware software. This software works very well, but the possibility is that the hacker can also bring up the type of attack which might not be known the installed tool. For the threats, a company like Darktrace wanted to rely on artificial intelligence for picking up the traffic of the unusual system and taking judgments which are effective. This company Darktrace also prevented the network of the finance company from the malware embedded in the email which is opened by the employee which is getting infiltrated. If artificial intelligence software does not exist, hackers get the chance to gain more access to the system. The planned damage for the hacker can easily be stooped through the proactiveness proved to be crucial. There are many companies which use artificial intelligence solutions which signal in the prevention of the cybercrimes where for the threats which are seen before, tools go beyond the screening.

Protecting people from the spam calls

People are getting annoyed through the Robocalls which are becoming increasingly prevalent. There are people who ignore these spam calls and are really frustrated with them as they get it o the regular basis. It is noted that 4.4 billion Robocalls are received by Americans which is shown by the data from YouMail, and not all of them were spam calls but 40% were.  The Google assistant which uses the artificial intelligence easily transcribes what was said by the caller and then transfer back the message to the recipient, and taking the call mainly depends upon the person. Only physical phones are targeted by the robocalls and they use the special software for contacting the people through interfaces of a single computer. Due to the advanced technology, these calls are prepared so efficiently that if the individual doesn't fall for the trick the scammer won't mind.

Spotting the emails which are forgotten

Business Email Compromise is another type of attack only occurs when a known executive is impersonated by a hacker. A new algorithm is built for that instance, and if it finds the discrepancies all the IT sectors of the company and the implied senders gets the warning. Certain tips from which you can easily avoid these scams, people should be warned when they are asked to provide their bank details. That is not something from where you will get the lottery, its all about the fraud system from where scammers take all your money from that bank account.

Detecting the fraud of the credit card

The cybercrime which is leading is the fraud of the credit card, as people prefer in buying the things online. Through an algorithm, the unusual transactions are spotted for which artificial Intelligence tool is developed by the companies. This algorithm easily understands the typical purchase of the customer and comparing them to the other clusters of the people. These tools for detecting the fraud get out the ordinary things and then raise the alarm when it is needed.

Through these development, you can easily avoid cybercrimes, be it on the individual level or for the enterprise. 

Source: HOB