Business intelligence challenges faced by entrepreneurs

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 4, 2019 | 10053 Views

Business intelligence can be afforded by anyone not only by the big organizations. Many companies deal with the information which is of a larger amount so there is always a need for business intelligence driven intuitions, nowadays data decisions are not only made by many companies but also SMEs and entrepreneurs. Business intelligence is becoming the turning point of data into the information which is perceptive and litigable. This information which is used for the improvement of sales, to extract the processes which are wasteful, and for opportunities are being identified for the growth of the company and it is essential to make the decisions of business which are mainly based on the solid facts.

There are many enterprises that worry to implement the business intelligence just because of the efforts and the cost which is not affordable. These days powerful business intelligence is easily accessible to everyone. The cost of analysis has decreased, a cloud has helped in storing the data, implementations have become faster and computers have the capability to teach themselves and it is easy to navigate the interfaces which non-analyst can find the trends and correlations on their own.

Business intelligence is associated with these challenges:

It is expensive

SEMs primary concern is the price which is deploying the business intelligence. The right software is costly to acquire, looking for the data science experts who are highly qualified, professionals of IT infrastructures and analysts for consulting might be terrifying for the company's cash-strapped. There are multiple platforms which make the business intelligence platform accessible for the small businesses without providing huge cash for deployment. You have other solution too for your small businesses, where you can offer solutions which are scalable having a minimal TCO. There are multiple products which save your time in locating the business intelligence plans which might fit your business effectively. Products like Sisense, help you with the solutions to the businesses either it be a small or a vast business. Datasets either it is structured or unstructured are manage by sense and easily analyze without the complex coding.

It requires expensive training

Self-service of business intelligence helps to deliver the insightful information which is actionable too without needing the data scientists for collecting and analyzing the data which is complex and then processing them into the reports which are easily understood by the management.  Even the providers who are at large scale are also pushing towards the service of business intelligence such as the Microsoft. After choosing the right platform all you need to get familiar is with the visual interface. And better agile platform of business intelligence offers you with the usable interface. You have multiple resources where you can refer online guides and tutorials on many social media platforms.

It requires huge investment for infrastructure

There are enterprises which require hardware resources which are huge. And nowadays these solutions which are modern you can implement business intelligence with the already existing hardware or in the cloud by running the infrastructure which is virtualized. Now there is no need for the SQL server or any hardware in addition for using the business intelligence in taking the business decisions.  Business intelligence being the modern one is efficient and more simple and there are multiple startups which are easily accessible for action and faster business intelligence. For overcoming the biggest challenges of business intelligence self-service of business intelligence helps you from preparing the data to anticipate it. 

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