Artificial intelligence: Interesting trends for Smartphones in 2019

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 2, 2019 | 10614 Views

Last year you got so many improvised trends and much new technological advancement was there. In the last year, we saw many changes in the technological trends of smartphones and this year has a lot to offer you. And new technologies will be executed which will an again give you an improvised view of smartphones. All the manufacturers of smartphones are ready for taking the lead having some better innovations. We have some interesting trends in smartphones which you will see in 2019. So take a look at it.

Foldable smartphones
It was already expected that these foldable smartphones will be launched in2018 but now it is already revealed by Samsung that in 2019 smartphones having a folded screen will be launched. Not only Samsung but many other OEMs are also working on the foldable smartphones. There are companies who will bring this advancement which are Huawei, LG, Motorola, etc. The market of smartphones will get something more interesting for their customers. You will be benefited through these phones as these smartphones are portable ones and are multitasking which will be made easy and these phones will have a good cost. It will have a single camera which is exceptional from the dual or triple camera mobile phones. 

5G smartphone
From past few years, 4G Volte mobile is in use and it has been the fastest network till date. For betterment, things will change in the upcoming years. And in 2019, we will be getting the 5G smartphones technologies which upcoming and help you to enhance the network of your phones will be faster. However, 5G network will be in the smart market but then also technology will take off until 2021 or 2022. Something additional will be seen, where smartphones will be designed with 7nm processors which will powerful. As these processors which will be combined with type 5G network will surely take the experience of the smartphone to a new level. 

Evolution of the Notch
There are smartphones which having a bezel-less display as we have seen till now and if in a display we add notch it will take a step ahead in increasing the size of the screen. And this notch will be evolving in this year as Samsung is working on the notches which are different and they are, Infinity-U, V and New Infinity displays. You will get the more screen space through this notch.

More and more cameras
There is an increment in the camera sensors which will be increasing on mobile phones. The number will, fortunately, rise in 2019. Smartphones will have a five or nine camera setups in the upcoming times. Companies like Samsung and Apple will also be working on the smartphones with triple camera setup in 2019. And there are companies which will add the maximum number of cameras on their smartphones. 

Sliding camera modules
There are many camera models which are already in trend slide up and pop up camera. For the users, this is the best choice from the users who are already looking for a true bezel-less experience. This concept will be adopted by multiple numbers of smartphones. Having this module will make your smartphone more interesting and it is expected that in 2019 these camera modules. 

Source: HOB