Will blockchain industry flourish in future?

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 31, 2018 | 9030 Views

Blockchain will be leading in the upcoming era. Having a view of this industry is must if you want to know its future. As this blockchain industry is not a monolith and there are several fronts on which the predictions are to be approached. Take into consideration the performance of the crypto market and adoption of new technologies and the new development. Having an assets class this industry is becoming interesting for both holders who are the investors for long-term and the traders of the day. Assets class has the items which are cryptocurrencies and the assets of the real world which are tokenized. These assets have an increase in demand which helps the prices to rise as these assets are deflationary.

People mostly believe that this trend is hard to rise and in the last few months the prices were falling down and it is noticed that there is never all time higher prices and also the capitalization of the market. There is a correlation which is positive with bitcoin and crypto assets, and depending upon the predictions the growth rate may become high in the upcoming years. It is really difficult to predict that the prices of the cryptocurrency will move in the upcoming future.

Blockchain having cryptocurrencies and tokens as its first application which is able to capture many people interest and the focus is moving toward multiple things which are done by other technologies. Blockchain can also be used as a backend which will store data and help to secure it from all these applications other than executing the applications. There are multiple advantages to what is offered by the servers which are centralized which are security, and the reliable uptime. All the startups who are building the disruptive applications are run on the top of the blockchain. The blockchain is used in the major companies as well as the institutions which are public. And these companies are themselves getting involved with these projects by researching and getting involved in the protocols such as R3 and Hyperledger.

The things happening gives a way for blockchain to work in progress. In the upcoming years, you will easily see the change in the blockchain.  Scalability and interoperability will seriously bring change in blockchain in the upcoming years. And it is noted that by building blockchain which is new helps to turn out the capacity and helps to fix the ones which are old with the on chain scaling which is segregated witness and networks of lightning.

We are on the turning point where this industry will have a be having protocols of development which are standard which will help you ensure in building the blockchains either it be private or public. It is assumed and stated that this industry will fly over in the upcoming years. 

Source: HOB