Top demanding tech skills in 2019

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 28, 2018 | 13518 Views

If you are willing to get into tech, and not knowing which skills you need for your career! By gaining the tech skills you can increase your marketability for the future as well. It is a very broad field as you have multiple directions where you can lead in and there are several skills which are demanding and gives you an appealing journey. Here are some skills which are demanding in 2019:

Machine learning
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are fields which are very pioneering and heading into the future, making the most profitable skills which you can learn. From chatbots to predictive analysis and to self-driving cars there are multiple uses for the futuristic tech. it is beneficial for the one who has already started online courses in machine learning as the demand for it in increasing continuously. And it is expected that there will be more and more demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2019. Every industry needs machine learning as it can be applied in any industry such as healthcare, finance, etc. Machine learning can be applied according to your personality and your interest. Preferring this course would be beneficial because it has a 4.9 stars rating which was created by Stanford University which touches the theories and practical applications of machine learning.

Mobile development
In the upcoming year, it is estimated that more than 2.5 billion smartphones users exist in the world. Companies need applications rather than the websites for being relevant. It is more demanding these days and it is the ideal career path for the entrepreneurs who are aspiring. The technology is blended by the Pokemon Go and many applications, wizard unite game to engage with the real world. This course helps you to collaborate with others in an exclusive channel, and building the applications for the real world and receiving the reviews for the projects which are expert and the last is feedback which is necessary.

SEO/ SEM Marketing
People skilled in digital marketing are more in demand these days as they can effectively improve the web presence and visibility of the company. This tech skill is demanded very obvious reasons which are the site visits. If your mind is data-driven, this tech skill might be a great fit for making your career as this role includes testing constantly, measuring and experimenting to see the best fit and then alternate is based on the observations. And digital marketing is again a great skill which will help you in starting your business as well in the future. With this course, you will be specialized in training of SEO/SEM. 

Data visualization
This will help people to understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. It would make your career as a bridge which is between the technical and nontechnical roles. The data which is collected by the analyst is taken by you and it is transformed in a form which anyone can understand. Through this course, you can do the customization of your websites. 

Amazon web services
Jobs for cloud computing are leading as more companies are moving from the infrastructure of the classical server to cloud solutions. Cloud platform which delivers the content, networking, and storage of the database and many more services. Engineers cloud architects and IT professionals and systems administers are usually specialists in the Amazon web services. For bringing your career to success it is profitable skills.

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