Data-driven business predictions in 2019

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 28, 2018 | 7785 Views

There is a great development in the year 2018 which continue to mark an increase in the data adoption in business. For increasing the data-driven technologies companies are putting their full efforts. For establishing a data culture there are many firms who are investing in the modification initiatives for their organizations.  Businesses are being innovated by data-driven as the early adopters are focusing on it. 
As 2018 is ending and a new year 2019 will reflect on great achievements and developing areas of focus through ethics from artificial intelligence. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence:
Over the past year artificial intelligence in continues to grow which is leading within the large enterprises. With analytics, artificial intelligence is being democratized through Auto ML. and Auto ML will be more popular in the upcoming years as it will easy to create the machine learning models for the types of business analyst and it also increases the productivity of the data scientist. Over the past years, deep learning is the popular technology of artificial intelligence which will be more advanced in capability and popularity for several years. In order to be more successful, AI will have to use multiple techniques beyond deep learning. 

For organizations there are several automation technologies which are wishing to make use of the digital labor, this is noticed in 2018. There are multiple companies which are grasping these technologies and how design works are determined just to maximize the capability of machines as well as humans. For using the right technology at the right time for every technology there need to be the proliferation of the automated option, and it should begin with identifying, then prioritizing and then categorizing automation used cases.
This year seems to have maximum advancements for solutions of the blockchain, as for managing the data firms need to ensure that data should be trusted. For the adoption of the capabilities of the blockchain, healthcare is leading which is heading with ensuring the patient's data protection and medical records which are electronic. And it is expected that 2019 would be heading in healthcare for blockchain. 

Data operations:
It is rapidly becoming visible by many organizations, which continues in struggling with the data management as shared business management. Data operations mainly bring up the data sets which borrow from the movement of DevOps software development. And it is expected that in 2019 it would be a year of breakthrough for dataOps where firms strive to quickly derive the value from the data assets. Machine learning will be used more by the companies just to integrate and correct their environments of the data. 

In 2018 data ethics has emerged which is the priority for leading the businesses and the black eye is received by the data also. And the upcoming year 2019 it is expected to be a year which will have the efforts of corporation setups which ensures the use of ethical data and its practices. And the demand for data is it ethics or responsibilities of great data in increasing rapidly it a business practice which helps to add new roles and approaches of the governance for addressing the issues by many companies.

Source: HOB