2019 consideration: Core in machine learning (JavaScript)

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Machine learning is developing with a huge growth these days. There are multiple open source tools available which make the application easily. Most of the frameworks of machine learning are fed by a Python programming language, JavaScript is also not lagged behind. Javascript is also trending and there are several developers of JavaScript who uses a number of frameworks for applying the models of machine learning models in the browser. 

There is various machine learning JavaScript which will help you to increase the growth of the online business in 2019:

This library of JavaScript is used for the training of Naive-Bayesian classifier and neural networks.The code which you should prefer is:
Npm install brain.js

A machine learning tool is provided to work with node JavaScript and browsers. There is a code through which you can set the ML JavaScript. There are some algorithms of machine learning which are supported:
Learning which is supervised includes: KNS, PLS, na├?┬»ve Bayes, logistic regression
Learning which is unsupervised, it includes: K means clustering and principal component analysis 
And it provides you with the collection of tools of machine learning which mainly works with browsers and NodeJS.

Keras JavaScript  
If you want to run this model in the browser, you can easily run it with the support of GPU via WebGL. If you want to run this model in Node.js, it is possible there also in CPU mode. There are several models of Keras which you can run in the browser. 

It is a framework of machine learning which is mainly used for Node.js and it supports feature engineering, the classification which is binary, multi-label classification and SVM.

Deep learn. Javascript
This is an open source JavaScript of machine learning which is maintained by Google. It can be used for multiple purposes as for understanding the models of ML, in the browser train the neural networks,           and for the educational purpose, etc.

By using these frameworks there is web development in 2019. Javascript is becoming the language which is far beyond machine learning.                                                                                                 

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