Internet: Do we have the right to delete things from there?

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It might be an article, an account, blog post or a video which you want to delete from the internet. There are many websites where our product has deleted peoples information from the data broker websites.  Delete Me app is used which will you with the basic rules of the web.
Rule 1deleting should be done spontaneously and walk before you run. 
You have the power to delete other blog posts if you find it's not good or you are not liking it and its visible in the Google search results. This is why because that is not the right source for uploading information, and this post is hosted on the blog, it might be any popular blogging site. And to remove something from the result of Google search, the blog or any other information should be deleted firstly from the original source as it will naturally be filtered from the search results. 
Rule 2 you will hit some red lights as in some cases websites don't delete anything
There should be a good reason to remove content from the website forcefully. The reason should be somewhat appropriate and serious enough to remove. Though the sites do not have to take the content down but in certain cases they might do it for your benefit. Asking them politely can help you better and the key is that think before posting anything because it could be visible on the social media forever. 
Rule 3 be persistent if you hit a wall, you should go around it
When you wanted to delete the item, you should be dedicated enough to remove that content. If you need an answer, you cant have lack of response. As you are asking for the time of very busy companies and a busy person. 
Here are some tricks which will give you a vast view of how to get deleted something from the web:
For talking to someone find someone or a department
The one who is managing the website from which you want the content to be removed should be in touch with you. there are systems for requesting takedowns, but going to the right person is more appropriate. The one who is in the field related to technology or know about how to remove the content is the right person to concern with. They have the ability to handle it nicely, rather than going to a long chain process, move to the one person who will serve you better. While dealing with the company which is big you need to have an automated menu and be persistent so that no other person comes on call again. 
If you cant take, just email
If there is no right way to reach the right person, email would the best reply.  If you donĂ?¢??t have the option of personal email, there are many sites which use the standard format for the email of the employee. This email format would help you with formats for many popular sites. 
With Google URL removal tool you can delete things from Google search
Google can delete the outdated search results if you ask it to do so. You need a Google account to delete the information or any other material from there. Go through the process and at last Google will reply within 48 hours either it will be approved or denied. 
Report legal violations to the search engines
Generally, the content would be removed by Google and other websites only when if it falls into these categories: Trademark or copyright infringements, child pornography, court-ordered removal, cyberbullying and many other. 

Source: HOB