Few applications of deep learning for a beginner (using Python)

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 26, 2018 | 30564 Views

Deep learning seems to be leading as in data science as it is more researched. There are many applications which can help you build a save future as predicted by the data scientist. Deep learning looks hard and intimidating. Applications like TensorFlow, Keras, GPU based computing might scare you but in reality, it is not too hard and its take time effort and time to follow, and applying these applications in regular problems is easy.

Colorize photos using Deep Learning
This topic is really famous when it comes to the computer vision community. It is attractive when you get a photo which is colored out of the black and white photo. As from childhood, we are taught to use pencils first and then colors which makes us engrossed. So an artificial agent can do the same? Is it possible? It's difficult. As our brain also capture certain moments which helps us to respond with the meaningful information which is really difficult in an artificial agent. As per the study if the neural network is trained on a large number of datasets which are prepared. A model can be prepared which could hallucinate colors in the image which is grayscale. This is just a simple application which really works as child and images are filled with colors. It seems to be more interesting. 

Building a ChatBot (Watson API)
What artificial intelligence can really achieve? Watson will show you the real importance. Watson uses various technologies for working, and mainly in natural language processing, the core part of this learning process is deep learning. For building the chatbot and conversation service, application of Watson can be used. The common question is responded through Chatbot as humans do. It is an easy medium to contact the customers and respond them in an appropriate time. 

Sentiment-based news aggregator (Aylien API)
The advanced techniques of natural processing language that is deep learning, is becoming popular. The filtered new by sentiments is presented to the readers easily. Through this application, chatBot will be at your service and it helps to read the news which interests you. Deep learning is really excited and provides you certain applications which might benefit as well as excite you. 

Correcting the sentence with deep learning
These days the mistakes are easily detected and then corrected. But the correction of the grammatical error is a bit tough task. Through deep learning, we can easily correct sentences. These models help you in the correction of the sentences with a promising result. 

Converting the male portraits to a female with deep learning
Deep learning model can easily convert the portraits from male to female and female to male. This is really interesting when you get these type of applications. This application is a type of deep learning which uses GAN which is a generative adversarial network. 

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