Investing more time on LinkedIn would give you a compounded result

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 20, 2018 | 11088 Views

Linkedin is the platform which is not popular like applications Facebook and WhatsApp, but it helps you build professional connections and it gives you a more effective way of developing yourself. So how much time you should spend on Linkedin? As we are there in a world where nobody has time so spending two hours per week is sufficient which would be profitable. Try and invest time on this platform as you might see a bit of success in you.  This idea would work effectively if you do not waste time on this platform by making the unnecessary connection.

If you are a blogger or a content writer, you should go ahead and make a new connection where you would be appreciated for your work.  Other than this have a polished profile which might attract more and more users.  Don't exaggerate your experience until the time it is not relevant. The polished profile is something which has good content in it, like sharing your specialized talent and work which you think is appreciable which will help you to be recommended by others. Be honest and humble to what you are, as exaggerations don't give a positive impression. Mention things, which you are capable of! Upload the picture which should be professional not the casual one from facebook.  Always add your contact number on your profile as it is an easy way to connect with recruiters and for them, it becomes easier to connect. Sharing knowledge with your connection and in groups would make you more visible on this platform. If you find something good on the wall, do share it. Helping people with building appropriate connections will definitely be a good outcome for you as well. Liking the post, commenting on it and then sharing it would be of great importance and opportunities galore.

Always recommend other and try and build social connection, as you don't know that one person can be of great help in the future.  A response is something which would help you to build success. More of the success needs more of your time. LinkedIn should be your personal PR tool where you can showcase your professional skills and achievements.  Don't just generate traffic on LinkedIn, connect with people but do not collect them. Always take time and include a note with each invitation, telling the other person why you are liking to connect and telling who you are.

Try and use this application more frequently, update your profile with new experiences adding new responsibilities which you got on your work. Sharing your views would help you become more socialize in professional terms.

Source: HOB