Watch Party: New feature of Facebook where you can watch videos together

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 20, 2018 | 11757 Views

Last few years, the video has a lot of importance as it was made clear by Facebook. There is a new feature in Facebook which has come recently, that is watch party which is an experimental tool that gives the members a chance where they can together watch the videos and at the same time. This feature allows people to be live and also works with the videos which are pre-recorded. It was launched in 2018, and only minimum users could access this watch party feature. And in the upcoming years, this feature will be brought for all the groups worldwide.

Groups for Facebook have become a very crucial part of this platform and this feature started working as a magnet for every user. Watch party feature helps to meet the members together who already exist and also attracts the new members towards this feature. To access this feature it is really easy, once you are able to access it, just move towards the group where you a community to watch a video. Try and gather more and more people which may join the video, your caption should be more attractive which might help you to gather more and more people.

On this platform, it is easy to search a specific video, you can again watch the video which is already viewed, you can also access your saved video, or you can pick the video from the suggestion list which will be provided by Facebook. You can easily view multiple videos at the same time. The stream gets started once there will people joining. All the viewers can easily sync up the video and can also have a view of the video's timeline. There you can add more and more videos as you proceed further.

Two other features are also added by Facebook to the watch party feature, that is, viewers can suggest the video easily with the suggestions which are popping up for the approval and the other is there could be multiple co-hosts for each watch party where you can easily add new videos to the group.

Whereas, Facebook already can roll the feature to all the groups of the facebook. For pages also this feature will work out good as per the company. This new feature helps to have multiple members, who are accessing your data. 

Source: HOB