How to win over when duplicate content is distinctive: Human vs. Machine Intelligence

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 13, 2018 | 8139 Views

Humans are far more expressive and these computerized technologies often lack common sense which mostly comes out naturally to humans which is more impressive than the machine learning algorithm. It has common content on various pages which produces duplicate content. More attractive is having differences in similar things! Humans face no problem in keeping these pages but algorithm neglect it as a duplicate. Though in this advanced world, human interaction is a bit less and there are several technologies which are enhanced to find the duplicate content.  The content which is duplicate prevent from continuing with your ability for making the site visible to search several users through:

  • A ranking is a loss for pages which are unique that often compete for similar keywords.
  • Pages are not ranked in an array because Google often chose one page which is approved.
  • Authority of the site is lost of the content which is thin for the quantities which are large.

How machines can visualize the content which is a duplicate?

 To determine the duplicate content Google often uses algorithms, which it defines as an appreciably copied content. The detection of the googles similarity is mainly based on the algorithm, where content which is more can be analyzed on a web page. There are very large numbers of pages and the capacity to be changed is the key to it. Currently, Simhash algorithm is the best method of finding the content which is duplicate. This algorithm has fingerprints which are cost effective and are accepted within a single scrawl of the page, comparing them is easy, and duplicates which are similar and are easy to find.

Google employs techniques to reduce the cost of every page and those techniques are:

  • Clustering: similar pages are sufficiently grouped, only compare the fingerprints within an array, since things other than this are already classified to be different.
  • Estimations: where there is a large number of clusters there is a similarity which is average after a certain number of fingerprints is being calculated.

Google has a rate of similarity which is weighted that mainly bring aside from the content which is similar. The words which often occur google helps to record the subject of the page it easily determines it through n-gram analysis.

Solving the problems of duplicate content for having unique content!

There is nothing which can easily correct how machines view the pages which are unique and are appeared to be duplicate. Nothing can be changed in Google, how it finds the duplicate pages. We have some strategies which help you to adapt your site and have solutions to find the duplicate content alignment.

Firstly try and resolve the edge cases :

You can make a signal to google so that it can align your pages differently by linking in between the pages by using noticeable anchor text for every page. While having the maximum similarity can help you to find the issue which is underlying. Either develop the content of multiple pages or make all the pages a one.

Reduce the number of facets:

Many times you may face an issue in indexing that is when your duplicate pages are associated with facets. Facets which are ranking should be maintained, and do not allow Google to index more pages.

Pages should be more unique:

There should be huge changes in the content rather than the small ones. Make your page content more unique by adding text content to the pages, customer review should be included, add accurate and extra information too. Different and customized images give you uniqueness. Source code should be reduced between the pages that are similar. The page should contain an improved semantic density.

Combine your pages:

Do not customize page which has a similar content. Combining your pages into a single page makes the performance of the URL at its best. Content should be added from the pages which are keeping and to rank for multiple keywords you need to optimize it.

So Google is evolving continuously and can easily understand the content of the page. Most of the content that is duplicate having issues that can be avoided or fixed. Your ranking for the search engine will be affected by understanding the duplicate content.

Source: HOB