Data Science The Trending Career In The World And Know The Path To Become A Successful Data Scientist

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Dec 11, 2018 | 40455 Views

Data science is the combination of mathematical, statistical, analytical and programming skills to collect, organize, and interpret of data to allow effective and proper management of the business.

The demand for a data scientist is trending all over the world. The demand for such scientists is huge, more than the number of available candidates. A recent report explained that the demand for these scientists has increased by more than 50% since last year. These scientists often referred to as big data wranglers, are a perfect blend of mathematician and computer scientist.

Duties of Data Science:
Data Scientists are the analysts who perform data science. Their job is concerned with performing research and analyzing data in order to gather meaning insights from the raw facts and figures by translating them into useful information to assist the organizations by predicting growth and development. They assist the organizations in finding the solutions to the business problems and issues by analyzing the data utilizing their skills and expertise.

Who can become a Data Scientist?
The data scientist basically plays with the data they know all the aspects of data's. The person who wants to become a data scientist must possess mathematical skills, statistical skills, and programming skills and needs to have a detailed understanding of all of them. This person also needs to have strong business knowledge so that he/she can go through business problems completely and can build strong business strategies for the future. Only then will you be able to apply your skills effectively in the organization in which you will be employed.

Both Top big giants companies and startups are seeking data scientists because of the big amount of data flowing in the organizations' databases. The top giants business concerns include Flipkart, Amazon, and LinkedIn and the startups include Accenture, Heckyln, and DataWeave.

These scientists called the Big Data wranglers usually assist the organization in making smart and logical decisions, increasing the business profitability and assisting them to travel on the path of growth and development.

What Is Involved In Data Science:
The data scientist is said to be eligible for a job if he/she possesses the right and the required skill sets and the knowledge base. From the point of view of perspectives involved in data science, it constitutes two sides:
  • One is Technology side which further relates to the understanding of the programming languages such as R, Python, SAS etc. And also includes the detailed knowledge of dealing with the algorithms specifically for running them in machine learning, Artificial intelligence etc.

  • The other is the statistical side which relates to dealing with the statistical tests such as Chi-square test etc and data distributions. It also includes writing the algorithms for machine learning etc.
Generally, while pursuing data science the individual has to select a particular perspective out of the two given above. One who wishes to have higher studies in the field of statistics pursue the statistical side of data science. One who has interest and love working in the technological world since it provides a room for experimentation and innovation opts for a technological perspective.

No Roadmap predefined For Data Scientist:
There is no defined right pathway or a roadmap that one can opt while pursuing a career in the field of data science. It usually involves advancing your skill sets the time to time so that you are able to handle and are capable of dealing with more advanced and smarter tools and methodologies which are designed from time to time. You need to get your hands dirty with the data and the practice.

Gaining knowledge will be of no use if you are not applying your theoretical knowledge practically. Now the question might arise in your mind that how can this be done? This can be done by working on various projects which would guide you on how to deal with the data in the corporate world. It provides you hands-on experience to handle the big data generated on a daily basis. It would further assist you in getting a better and promising career in the field of data science.

The career in the field of data science requires a detailed and an in-depth knowledge of mathematics and statistics too, then only you will love to deal with the data and algorithms, otherwise like other you will also be the one to quit in the midway because of the fact it is highly challenging. The ones who get attracted towards the high job prospects and the handsome salary packages of data scientists cannot ever have a promising future in this field because it requires analytical skills, mathematical or statistical skills, communication skills, visualization skills etc. All these skills require the individual to put his heart and mind in learning them and more importantly the numbers and coding must excite you.

The job position as a data scientist can be a full-on transformation for an individual in his or her career. A career in the field of data analytics is an extremely promising field and will result in a challenging, rewarding career. The data scientist profession is the hottest career option in your lifetime. Pursue it and enhance your career.

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