Cloud Computing: Evolution or Revolution

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 10, 2018 | 8502 Views

In the technological world, new technologies are upcoming continuously. IT world fits with the current concept which is cloud computing. New technologies come up with several benefits and understanding those benefits is important and also evaluation of business risk must be done. While evaluating the goal and objective of the organization should be of long term. Cloud computing is perhaps a model which is network based access to multiple computing service resources that can be rapidly provisioned and has less management and service provider interaction.

Cloud computing is somewhat similar to the way the computers were earlier used. And that time computers were too expensive to afford. So the companies use to lease time on the resources of computers from providers and only have that software which they are working on. No new and advanced technology is used, as it was too costly to afford.  Then comes cloud computing which helps to buy resources which are needed and these resources we can access from a remote location, as it was done earlier. Cloud computing might look like a current innovation, but it's the idea which we are using since the beginning. 

Internet gave everybody a big opportunity to access data and resources from a remote location. All the websites could easily be accessed through everyone all around the world. Then comes the virtual servers which have the ability to run on larger physical servers and it was flexible and easy too. These developments are followed by the cloud itself. Moving, storing and retrieving data from the internet is the storage medium of a cloud for which we all are accustomed. Cloud services are those services which can be accessed by anyone on the internet. Public clouds are beneficial but they are challenging as well in terms of security. 

In many ways, there has been always an evolution of cloud computing as there are many evolutionary changes. The revolution was almost over when there was a access to old dumb terminals but now expensive IT resources are owned which are operated by cloud computing. This helps the person to reduce stress and dramatically it improves the amount of leverage and economies of scale. Resources can be easily accessed and are always available in the cloud computing model. The technology has evolved with information and there exists no company which does not prefer storing and accessing data in cloud. 

Businesses are rapidly increasing and there is also a development in technologies which is helping us in accelerating into a new world of upcoming days. Through cloud computing, we do not have to work with a single machine every time and are able to use the benefits of syncing and integration. We have made several decisions which are informed and can easily gain an edge in the competitive business world. Clouds are evaluating and they wont go anywhere anytime. 

Source: HOB