Natural Language Processing: Business benefits

By ridhigrg |Email | Dec 10, 2018 | 15738 Views

Artificial Intelligence deals with a branch which is Natural Language Processing which mainly focuses on the communication process. There are ways open to program a computer to develop just like humans. Natural language processing mainly includes the communication process of computers and understanding the language which has the power to understand mistakes, grammatical errors and other forms in the language. Natural language is the language which is native to the people and helps them to interact with another person in their own language. The main goal of NLP is to make real interaction between the computer and a human. Because the computer mainly works on artificial language process and there are people who find difficulty is getting the artificial language. Therefore, this technology solves the problem of people as computers are developed with natural language processing abilities.

 Machine Learning helps natural processing language to work. The process of storing words and the way they come together like any other form of data. Books, texts and sentences all are fed into Machine learning engines and they are handled by focusing on grammatical rules. This data is further used by computers to find patterns. There are many different techniques used by multiple NLP systems. To find the meaning of what was interpreted, machine learning is used to apply these grammatical rules to the natural language. Through this, a computer could easily interpret the meaning of what you said. There are many problems as there are many similar words, but the rules are encoded by developers into their natural language process systems.

Natural language process also helps in sorting through resumes and help job recruiters to hire more skilled and qualifies workers. Spam is also detected through NLP where all the unnecessary emails are kept aside from inbox. Sentiment analysis tool helps many companies to know the customer concerns whether tweet about them is good or bad. Businesses are mostly benefitted through NLP by understanding the consumer emotion behind those words. There are many corporations which use NLP to classify the positive or negative feedback of the customer. 

NLP is used in multiple ways these days as Microsoft Word spell check is the known application for it. And they key of NLP is sentiment analytics. Businesses mainly have the concern about the emotions of their customers so NLP helps them comprehend and use that data for their service betterment. Analyzing the spam in emails and filtering them is another very important application of NLP. Mining all the data which is collected by customer care representatives while they regularly engage with the customers can lead to actionable intelligence which can easily be applied to design or other multiple cases. Therefore, natural language processing plays an integral part in many business organizations which have important inference on the ways that computers and humans interact. 

Source: HOB