How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile App Technology?

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Oct 28, 2018 | 18621 Views

Recently Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) has created a huge impact on human interaction with machines and devices. Whether it is any type of industry ranging from travel, utility, machinery, telecom, or advertisement industry, AI and ML have enhanced the smartphone experience in a huge way. Both Android and iOS mobile platforms are integrating AI and ML in various apps. Moreover, with AI and ML decision making has become a lot quicker and precise by accumulating a huge volume of information.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are much more than a smart technology, as it brings all the emerging technologies especially in technology, telecom, and media industry. Looking at the development of new technologies like chatbots, self-driving cars, virtual assistants, etc. Moreover, in the coming years, there will be an incredible flow of AI and ML which can only be seen in sci-fi movies.

In the year 2018, we will see a huge transformation in various industries as they will opt AI and ML for improving their existing services. Moreover, future versions of Android and iOS will see more features and apps integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. For that, you are required to hire android developers who possess knowledge of AI and ML. These are all the changes given below on how AI and ML will bring to the mobile technology:

Empowering Search Engines
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have introduced the users a new method to search using images and voice, unlike text mode. Moreover, because of the integrated AI and ML in mobile apps, it has now become compulsory for Android developers to develop an image recognition system and voice recognition system. Furthermore, AI will also provide app localization for enhancing the conversion rate

Artificial Intelligence Combined With the Internet of Things(IoT)
AI lets your device communicate with each other. AI is going to make drastic changes by collecting all the real-time data and processing that data so that devices learn to function on their own. Therefore, AI is helping Mobile development companies to learn and execute with every information which is exchanged among various devices and then take all the necessary action.

Smartphone Camera Are Getting Better in Subject Detection
This is one of the important areas where Android phone manufacturers and Android app developers are working on in respect to artificial intelligence and machine learning. By using AI, the interface of a smartphone camera can easily detect the subject in the camera frame like food, landscape, fireworks etc. It works accordingly by tweaking the settings for getting the best possible image.

Moreover, artificial intelligence and machine learning can also easily identify facial features and enhance it to get a super portrait image automatically.

Translating Languages in Real-Time
There are so many translation apps available which allow users to take an image of a text in one language to convert it into another language.

However, most of these apps use the internet to upload images for analyzing and then translating the text.

By integrating AI and ML, your smartphone will become capable to translate different languages in real-time without any need for the internet connection.

Face Unlock to Power More Smartphones
With the launch of iPhone X in September 2017, face unlock has become one of the most popular features in Android smartphones. Apple uses AI and ML-based algorithms for its Face ID unlocking system. With the combination of premium hardware, the artificial intelligence system works to identify the face of the user to secure unlock.

Moreover, in the coming years, we will see many Android developers and smartphone makers implementing the face unlock feature using AI processing. Where the smartphone can easily identify the userÔ??s face with facial changes like beard or spectacles over time.

High App Authentication
AI has a very big responsibility when we talk about cybersecurity. With ever-changing technology and the increasing usage of smartphones, we all need the advanced level of data security. While developing new Android apps, security is one of the biggest concern for Android developers. With AI and ML the security concerns and issues have been reduced by giving alerts to the users about possible threats and vulnerability by analyzing the user behavior.

Creating App Marketing
For marketing the app, marketers are required to collect and maintain huge sets of data both offline and online. This takes a lot of time and hard work because maintaining the data for each customer is the tough job when you are asked to deal with millions of customers worldwide.

AI-based smartphones and applications help in analyzing and researching the market and purchase history of the user. According to, by the year 2020, almost 30% of businesses and companies are going to use artificial intelligence and machine learning for increasing their sales. In addition, AI and ML are going to help businesses take better marketing decisions for increasing their user engagements and sales.

These days by seeing the impressive growth of AI and ML, it can be said that businesses are clearly focused on influencers and advertisements who are making the use of micro-targeting for expanding their customer reach.

AI in the coming years is going to be integrated into 5G smartphones. Meaning that users can get all the benefits of AI and ML which has the potential to collect, store, and process all the real-time data. Moreover, with AI you will get an advanced personalized user experience. Therefore, businesses are going to take the advantage of this for increasing their business and Return on Investment(ROI). The coming future is going to be smart for smartphones with AI and ML and with that mobile economy will grow hugely with time. In order to get new AI features in your existing mobile app, you should hire Android developers for the same.

Source: HOB