Top 20 programming language of the year 2018.

By arvind |Email | Oct 9, 2018 | 198753 Views

For the longest of time Java was the programming language to go to, it was a top 2 programming language in the world if not considered the best language in the world. But with change in the time many other things are changing with it too. The new generation of programmers are more attracted towards python and are is gain a lot of potential learners and that too with quite a margin over any other programming language. Stack Overflow even declared python as the "fastest growing programming language" in its last declaration, not only than it is out running many other languages in the rankings. 
If python was a human this would have the happiest year of its life. Claiming the top spot in the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language, being a language whose tutorials people are drawn to search on Google and which is trending in the Google trend section, if this is not your definition of happy than I don't know what would be.
If this was all not enough to make you happy how about the fact that python and searches related to it accumulate for almost one quarter of all the tutorials searched on the web, according to PYPL rankings, with the proportion of Python searches up five percent over the past year, and 14.6 percent over the past five years. 
As a matter of concern you and I can expect Python to stay at the top and maintain its top position for some year's maybe, with the boom of machine learning the sound of the explosion has increased the numbers of developers that has started learning python. Python is a versatile language other than the common know use of the language in the big data analytics, python is being used in web and desktops apps to guide system operations. When you ask the users of the language they will tell you the reason of liking the language in the community. For most it is not even it Is a popular language in Data Science, for many the reason for the success of the language is it has a broad range of robust software libraries and a simple fact that it is easier to learn. 
Here is the list of other programming languages that made it in the top 20 in PYPL popularity language


  • Interest in learning the web-scripting language PHP appears to have taken a downturn over the past five years.
  • The programming language Python appears to be the most popular among new learners, according to the PYPL rankings.

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