10 Plus Videos to Learn Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science For Beginners: Must Watch!

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Oct 9, 2018 | 65205 Views

Youtube is a very popular source to educate and entertain people. To learn Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science youtube proved as a good online source by the users. This is  great source for educational videos. Now all these technologies are becoming popular day by day and everyone want to learn and get start their career in these fields so they are searching these video channels on youtube.
Following are the 10 plus popular youtube videos which help beginners to learn about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science: 

Analytics Mantra
Shivam is the enigmatic figure behind this YouTube channel. He posts tutorials on Data Analysis and Machine Learning. He has lot of great playlists including; Data Analysis using Python, Programming in R, Data Visualization with Qlikview, Advanced Excel Tutorials.

Cognitive Class
Cognitive Class AI is an IBM initiative which provides learning opportunities in Big Data, Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Some of my favorite playlists are: Deep Learning with Tensorflow, Machine Learning and Build your own Chatbot.

Dan Van Boxel
Dan is an extremely funny and intelligent engineer who has writes line by line code in his tutorials which prove to be extremely helpful. Although not active in recent time, I hope this post can resurface Dan from his YouTube hiatus.

Edureka is a channel which curates content on trending topics in the areas of Big Data and Hadoop, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Apache Spark, Python etc.

Hvass Laboratories
Magnus operates Hvass Laboratories a channel dedicated to Machine Leaning tutorials. His tutorial videos on Deep Learning are particularity helpful. Found here.

Data School
Kevin is a full-time educator and his data science material is top notch. He uses mainly R and Python to code.

Krista King
Krista is a bubbly math tutor and her gift is explaining hard mathematical concepts in layman terms. If you want to brush your derivatives or differential equations give her a follow.

Professor Leonard
Professor Leonard really does seem like Superman. Exterior of an unassuming nerd but underneath hiding superpowers of simplifying the most difficult concepts effortlessly.

PyData is a non-profit channel which posts videos from data science meetups and conferences across the globe.

Harrison the Python loving coder is an active and knowledgeable YouTuber who has the most up to date content on data science. His tutorials are very interactive and easy to follow.

Siraj Raval
Siraj is a true AI educator who covers the latest and greatest in data science. A fun personality, he keeps data science light and easy for novice and beginners. Siraj is very active on YouTube and posts videos almost daily (something unheard of) His enthusiasm for data science is truly infectious.

The SemiColon
A great channel to learn data science. A lot of Kagglers and researchers will find these videos helpful.

Vytautas Bielinskas
Vytautas is a Lithuanian data scientist who makes content which differentiates from most content users. He combines data science with social media analytics and GIS seamlessly.

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