Marketing can be shaped from AI

By arvind |Email | Sep 5, 2018 | 2958 Views

Marketing can increase the sales of brand and company is a well known fact. In today's world AI provides marketers with a form of marketing campaign with in the business and an increase of cyber security. But development in marketing requires skill and creativity. With the introduction of AI in marketing the pressure on marketers has somewhat been reduced. Many companies are using machines for promoting, advertising and ultimately finally selling products this has also given the marketers more time to focus on other challenges.


Knowing what your target audience is and what they want is one of the most important things for a marketer; this information is what will allow you to plan your marketing campaigns. AI has provided marketers with data analytics that helps them understand their audience which was earlier not possible data was lacking in some aspect or the other. AI is able to gather data from the past and present customer behaviour to create a pattern that can help the marketer in analysing and creating a plan according to that.  Ayzenberg is an agency that is driven by data. They understand that in this technological era, data surrounds us and that it should be harnessed into accurate insights on consumers, to ensure that marketers always stay on top of ever-changing needs and desires.

Customer division

Marketers have realised that the customer now days are expecting a more personal experience, marketers are working to meet these new needs of customers. Customer division helps marketers provide the consumer with the right message at the right time. Customer division allows the marketers to what their customers wants, knowing what they want helps marketer focus on their needs. According to Pini Yakuel (Optimove, CEO) "Most companies view segmentation as a method of clustering similar customers together at a given point in time. Imagine harnessing the power of AI to map the journey that each customer has taken to reach his or her present division." He further explains this by saying "By analyzing customers based on their movement among segments over time, we can achieve dynamic micro-segmentation, and predict future behaviour in a very accurate fashion. This approach can take customer segmentation to a whole new level. Using micro-segmentation, brands can communicate 'personally' with every customer, optimizing customer experience and increasing loyalty and lifetime value, in today's highly-competitive direct-to-consumer space."

Easing the marketing process

Deep learning is revolutionizing the marketing world, providing them with large amounts of data at quality. Marketing is a constantly changing world and it is difficult to stay with the change. With deep learning outputs are not required to be analyzed and commanded by human operators. These algorithms are able to pick up detailed information by mimicking activities of the human brain. Therefore, marketers are able to use deep learning to understand, anticipate, analyze and act faster to develop smarter campaigns and preserve their time for more demanding tasks.

Interactions with customers

Conversational commerce is supposed to be the future this means you can look forward to doing everything from catching up with a friend to shopping online, booking a movie ticket and checking in to your flight on a messenger. But if you're messaging away all the tasks on your to-do-list, who is going to be chatting with you on the other side? Chances are it won't be a 'who' but more like a 'what': AI powered chatbots are being built across industries using open APIs to support specific tasks that you need to get done.

Source: HOB