The Way How AI is Changing the Software Development

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Sep 4, 2018 | 16584 Views

AI is on radar next for most of the organisations and it is transforming all the business functions and software development as well. Not only machine learning techniques are used to accelerate the traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC) and this all represent new boundaries for inventing technology. The impact of AI on computer programming is the unraveling of how humans perceive, define, and execute software development. Because AI algorithms are such powerful analyzing tools, software developers will no longer have to write all the testing scripts and examine large amounts of data. AI will also have the ability to sort through log files to save time and increase accuracy in the program.

According to a Forrester Research report on AI's impact on software development, the bulk of the interest in applying AI to software development lies in automated testing and bug detection tools.

The data outcomes produced by artificial intelligence provide developers full insights of the changes that must be implemented. With the help of artificial intelligence developers come to know where testing is required by locating current flaws in a system. Apart from these artificial intelligence algorithms predict future complications which improve efficiency while testing the system. With the help of artificial intelligence, the questions of how, when, and where bugs entered a system are put to rest. AI is constantly testing to clear bugs from programs. Since AI bots don't have to clock out when a shift is over, they can essentially work around the clock checking and rechecking a program.

There are numerous tasks and decisions that are too far too complex to learn computers in a rigid rule based way. Even an activity as seemingly simple as identifying whether a photo or video on the internet is of a cat is beyond the reach of traditional software development. Artificial Intelligence analyzes the behavior of a program and serves to manual testing. AI couldn't expect to be overtaken by software developers and testers as well. Instead, testers should formulate to have AI bots work together as the assistants, programmed to decrease their workloads during software development.

AI is changing the way how software is tested and how humans interact with the technology. Artificial intelligence will embrace the responsibility of advancing the software testing process as humans focus on analyzing how well new applications are received by the public. 

Source: HOB