Leveraging Deep learning in Marketing Sector

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Sep 4, 2018 | 8850 Views

The deep learning market is expected to reach the heights by the year ending 2023. Deep Learning is experiencing a rapid increase in its application across various industries. The marketing industry is one of those sectors that are leveraging deep learning for improvements. 
The application of the technology named deep learning in marketing areas like advertising, customer engagement, marketing and delivery and many more. It helps in building a good relationship between the marketers and audiences and thus it provides a completely different experience of selling and buying products. The scope of deep learning in marketing in very vast and this is the only one aspect of it in the marketing sector. 

Deep Learning in Marketing:
Deep Learning plays a vital role in the marketing sector. And one of the main challenges for every marketer is to search the right customer who is ready to buy their product. Earlier there were no advertisements done by the marketers on TV, radio and etc. But now this is completely transforming with the help of deep learning. We, as a customer, knowingly or unknowingly, generate large volumes of data from multiple sources, such as on social media platforms. Deep learning software analyzes a significant amount of that data, and marketers gain insights on that people in search of their product, people looking for a product similar to theirs and the people who have recently bought a similar product. After analyzing all the set parameters then marketers can frame strategies in future with the help of these insights. From these insights they get to know the customers behavioral patterns, tastes and preferences and after that they send them the discounts and coupons to attract the customers. In this way the marketers capture the market as a whole. 

Chatbots are the good example of what deep learning in marketing looks like. Chatbots facilitates 24x7 to customers and offer them with many benefits like recommending products, selling products and services and engagement with customers. The chatbot builder allows marketers to build personalized chatbots that will provide assistance based on their needs. Deep learning, when clubbed with IoT, offers marketers a new way to understand their customers. The smart devices or the IoT-connected devices embedded with sensors, undoubtedly generate a large volume of data.
Hence, deep learning has endless opportunities in the marketing sector. And most of the marketers are deploying deep learning into their operation so that they can perform well and hold the market share. 

Source: HOB