Future of media with AI

By arvind |Email | Aug 31, 2018 | 5316 Views

AI can change how we see media
Ted Sarandos, Head of Content at Netflix, said, "Our shows intentionally don't have a unifying brand. Our brand is content personalization."

AI has changed working in many industries and for most of them it made it better. Even the media sector has successfully introduced AI to its industry. When it comes to media with AI it is all about content. AI will eventually end up creating content and improving the consumer's experience- is it reading, watching or listening. Many big media giants have already started using AI for their work. Forbes has an Ai assistant Bertie for writing. Bertie learns many things from writers, such as their writing style, the topics they typically write about, and so on. Bertie then makes suggestions aimed at improving the quality of that given piece

While content personalization is the most popular use of AI in the media it is not the only use of AI in the industry

Adaptive media

A recommendation is all about providing content for that particular person, suggesting you movies or songs that you might like. Media will still be the same, it will just adapt to a person's likes and dislikes. Production teams can provide media with more factors because of AI according to which media can dynamically change 

Voice Search

Media companies all around the world are just diving in the pool of voice searches. Being the most common form of communication the use of voice search in media is going higher and higher. People using voice search seem to be more comfortable using it, especially when alone. Google estimates that 20 to 25 percent of all mobile queries are voice search.

At home media

Once the media can understand voice interactions, it can start to interact with you. This creates exciting new avenues for storytelling. Look at a company like Novel Effect, which has created a new experience of reading storybooks with children. As you read the book aloud, the smart voice recognition stays in sync and the AI automatically plays custom-created music like thunder, violins or songs at the right time to keep the child engaged in the story. The media is now talking with you, understanding you and then creating something completely new. AI is unshackling media from the traditional silos of audio, video and text and fusing them together into something exciting.

Producing intelligent content

For most of the media house creating and providing the users with intelligent content is one of the most important task, after all if no one is interested in you content there is no point of the hard work. Traditional media did not have the same luxury of studying their users.  New media has that because of AI and should use it to create intelligent content or its users.

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