AI: The Change For the Society

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 30, 2018 | 7593 Views

Ever since the onset of industries, most mundane work that was carried out by manual labor has been replaced with machines. This has reduced error, speeded up the yield and cost a lot less those employing humans to do repetitive tasks.

Economy favored the use of machines to ease labor effort: Consider how advanced we have become especially with computers and its complex systems, we have a new kinds of integrated system that studies tons and tons of data deriving intricate and important patterns to understand the world we live in. Machines have always learned the humans and their exhibited advanced cognitive skills to process natural language, to learn, to plan or to perceive. The recent major developments made in the field of AI will make it possible for multiple tasks to be performed by intelligent systems, sometimes with more success than humans. 

Take a classic example of those hefty volume based encyclopedia. As evolving humans, we documented all the information we knew into books. The encyclopedia had everything (A to Z). Well, Google just revamped the way we perceive search with a more algorithmic approach that pulls out relevant data from the wonderful thing called the internet. Instead of taking up three feet in horizontal length across your shelf, encyclopedia has now become vintage collectables. This got replaced by computers and internet that helps you access relevant information from any part of the world. That's how simplified our tasks become with the help of innovation that paves way for automation.

Machines possess the capability to outsmart us all by constantly making improvements to itself. We have termed this as Artificial Intelligence. But, simply AI is just conjunction of data science, deep learning along with ubiquitous computing employing logical solutions. AI-driven automation in existing industries and new emerging areas could vastly boost productivity and economic growth. It can also vastly improve areas like healthcare, environment protection, education, law, retail economy, finance etc. by being far more intelligent. 

Just because the repetitive and mundane jobs get replaced by automation, AI only helps you to be creative and willing to take risks. One of the things we need to understand that the world we live in is going to get a lot more intelligent, faster and seamless with lesser chance of error. Hence, there is an exigent need to embrace automation and look for professional options that entwines both.

Source: HOB