How Organisations Are Coming Up With the Challenges While Deploying AI?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 30, 2018 | 7353 Views

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and it is also changing our lives. Business world hasn't fully jumped on board yet with artificial intelligence but very soon most of the organizations are thinking to deploy it and gain its benefits. 
According to statistics 61% of companies with an innovation strategy already deployed artificial intelligence to identify opportunities in data. But while deploying artificial intelligence there are many hurdles which the organizations are facing: 

AI is not a business initiative: Many businesses are looking at artificial intelligence for technical advancement instead of a business initiative. But this is the wrong way and this is not the part of IT department but as a whole organization. Those that still have a hand in daily business activities will need to have a hand in building and maintaining the AI model as well. The whole team should experience the benefits of artificial intelligence and the organization should increase their budget to get it implemented. 

Support from Employees: For the successful deployment of artificial intelligence into the organization there should be full support from all the employees, otherwise the adoption will fail. All the pros and corns should be explained in detail and also organizations must understand the feeling of their employees whether they are comfortable with the technology. To ease the pain, implement education and training to help bridge the skills gap. Invest in your employees and they'll return the favor with loyalty most likely.

Absence of Business Model: Think you don't need AI in your business? I say you're just not thinking out of the box enough. Do your employees complete the same tasks on a daily basis? Do you have an HR department that's hiring and onboarding new talent on a regular basis? Do you have sales and marketing departments that collect data on customers? Some form of AI could be used in every one of these situations and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Give your employees the right tools and open the door to innovation. You never know what someone will think of. If you empower them to create and find solutions that work for them, you'll see that AI can fit in every business model.

Hindrance with legacy infrastructure: Companies can't hold their old infrastructure they should always come up with new challenges to stay competitive in the market. Companies should be dynamic and for the new technology they should train their employees so that they don't resist for the change. Companies should always search the new technology to run their business smoother. 

Lack of Data: Artificial Intelligence is the data-driven technology to deploy this technology the organizations should have good number of data. The data should be collected from right source and should be authentic. Companies can't expect to use a predictive analytics model for sales if they don't have any data on customers or on leads.
Hence, these AI deployment challenges and hurdles may be just the beginning for your business. To remove these roadblocks the managers and employees should discuss and understand it and try to resolve them, then definitely the business will come on the top. 

Source: HOB