How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 29, 2018 | 9915 Views

Artificial Intelligence is a quite buzzword and gain maximum popularity and also transforming industries one after other, like from the Apple's intelligent assistant Siri to self-driving cars from Tesla to Google AI that can learn video games in a very short period. Now artificial intelligence is targeting digital marketing as artificial intelligence has huge potential in this field. With the help of artificial intelligence ROI can be maximized and it also provides greater customer experience, targeted marketing and predictive analysis. 

Artificial Intelligence has changed the whole process with the help of its subsidiary like machine learning, deep learning, big data and internet of things. These all subsidiary are changing the true potential of artificial intelligence. In coming days definitely we all see the impact and changes due to the application of artificial intelligence. 
Following are the ways where AI will show its impact:
Customization: This is very important where artificial intelligence can make significant impact. Analytics is important for marketer same customers are also very important for every businesses. Buying behavior, customer searches and interests, personalized content campaigns all can be managed and completely depends on data what we have collected. We can better understand with the help of another example chatbots, these are playing very important role in enhancing user experience.  Chatbots generally respond on the basis of data what they receive. Google Duplex is an example of chatbot. 
Decision Driven with the help of Predictive Marketing: Every-time fresh data is generated when a user searches on the web-browser.  This data is further used for AI analysis. This data provides the information of the user like its behavior, requirements and future actions. So from all these information the marketer can get the most relevant information and they can do the targeted campaign. With the help of predictive campaigns the decisions can be made easily. 

Maximizing ROI with the help of Image Recognition: With the help of artificial intelligence we can easily know the detail description of an image. With the help of Amazon Rekognition we can identify objects, recognize human faces and their emotions. This new technology can also be implemented in many sectors as well and social media is the main course for the hiring and the main aim for it. 

Hence, artificial intelligence and its subsidiary technologies bring customers and marketers closer in the future.  So that both the customers and brands would win the battle. 

Source: HOB