How AI is able to help with climate change

By arvind |Email | Aug 24, 2018 | 11559 Views

When Bill Gates that a problem is big, it is big and when he says the thing needs to be solved it has to be solved and that's exactly what he said about climate change. While climate change is something everyone things needs to have some kind of change, there are some who don't care much about it. That does not mean nothing is happening. 

Climate change is a big issue in today's world and for its reason. According to experts the global temperature will be on an average 4°C warmers and the sea level will be 0.7 m higher under the current conditions by the year 2100. You can do the calculations. There needs to be a solution to such a problem, an innovative policy that will change the basic assumptions. Yup you guessed it right bring in the power of AI.

When it comes to AI it is already being used in almost all the fields. Bringing in Artificial Intelligence to climate change will help us get what is the present situation; it will be able to tell the future weather much more efficiently and maybe reverse the climate change path we are taking. Microsoft AI for earth program has already invested 50 million dollar in the last five years on upcoming AI applications. One of the many uses of AI when it comes to climate is it could help humans make applications and technologies that could help in the betterment of this planet. There are already AI devices for people that could save household cooling daily and save tons of water wasted in our homes. It can help in save the energy that is used at the companies and industries decrease the carbon footprints from these companies. It can help the people with their research and innovations, testing out their theories and solution like air pollution eco friendly products. AI can help in studying the terabytes of a data that is produced to help spot the patterns better than humans. There have already been machines that can tell how the world is turning. The more data that is feed to these AI the more accurate they will get at predicting the status of climates. Wind companies are using AI to get each turbine's propeller to produce more electricity per rotation by incorporating real time weather and operational data. Artificial intelligence can also help predict the spread of invasive species, follow marine litter, monitor ocean currents, keep track of dead zones and measure pollution levels.
More interaction among public and private entities, technologists, policy-makers and even philosophers, and more investments in research are needed to avert the potential risks of artificial intelligences and to realize its potential benefits to the environment and humanity.

Source: HOB