AI in Digital MArketing will improve it for better

By arvind |Email | Aug 23, 2018 | 10503 Views

AI is the buzzword in current times; it just knows how to be in the news and to be fair I would be disappointed if a thing that has intelligence in its name hasn't figured out a way to do so, or maybe it will be able to do it in the near future. 

AI is something that has been able to attract almost all the industries one company tried maintaining its gap. Digital marketing companies were somewhat shy of incorporating AI in their work, an industry that had so much to gain from the use of AI in its work. Now we can say it, luxuries of being in the present and having knowledge about the things in the past lets criticise them. It's all in the past, digital marketers has since used AI in the industries in quite a few ways and it has helped make it better in certain aspects. Let's just look at some of the things that have been able to turn a few pages in the book of digital marketers. While you are looking at them don't forget to read it.

Content: By content I mean like writing stuff and all. It's is coming for my job, I can already hear my boss saying you have been replace by an AI. Maybe not for a few years as it is still in the stage of like learning to write. LEARNING TO WRITE it is already writing reports and news from the data and information provided to it and they say it is learning.

While the likes of Forbes and Associated Press are already using tools like Quill and Articolo to create news. So it already taking our job, which is exactly want you want to read as a content writer. Let's take a look how it actually works. So it uses templates and fill in the blanks to create unique content to give a impression that it was written by a human. 

Managing content: AI is not only able to take my job but the job of my manager too. It is supposed that it will be able to connect better with the viewers/visitors on the websites; it will be able to guide them through appropriate content. 
Companies like Amazon and Netflix use this kind of technology to help their customers find something they might like by recommending you something you might like. This can be used in blogs and articles by recommending the viewer the right articles for them based on their previous read topics.

Email marketing: Introducing AI to email marketing is that the companies can now safeguard its messages, i.e. if the right message has reached the right customer at the right time. AI can help email marketers improve what they are working to improve promotions, the right content, and improving the right time. What AI does to e-mail marketing it is able to learn from the previous behaviour and constantly improve using them. According to Phrasee, its generation of email subject lines surpasses those of a human by over 95%. Persado even says that its cognitive content exceeds what a human could do 100% of the time.

Digital advertising: Companies are already studying user's information about what they like; probabilities of the customer that will help them find the right crowd for their company. It has been the most successful when it comes to incorporate AI. AI in digital marketing has applications that are able to identify and learn which platforms are profitable and turn the investments towards those channels.

Searches: When it comes to AI and searches two things that have revolutionized internet and search are voice search and Google's Algorithm. You can now search things by speaking into them. Amazon Alexa, Siri are some examples of this technology. Google revealed that around 70% of the searches Google Assistant receives are in natural, conversational language, and do not use the typical key works that you would type out in a classic Google search. 


Source: HOB