Really With the help of AR Selfies are Going to Touch the Next Level?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 21, 2018 | 7611 Views

With the help of Augmented Reality it's very clear that selfies are going to the next level and they have also changed the way we communicate and share. The first augmented reality is being used by snap chat called "rainbow barfing". In the previous year 2017, the company Lens studio launched a desktop application which permits the entire user's to create and submit an augmented reality filter.  

Today most of the persons are very crazy to take selfies allowing the front facing camera and start taking selfies.  According to Frames Direct, around 25000 selfies are taken during one's lifetime. This is quite crazy amount. Now there are many editing options and makeup can also be done this actually makes sense to the application. From the marketing point of big brands can promote augmented reality tools that users can apply in their selfies to change their images. 

In 2003, Sony designed the first forward facing smartphone camera named the Ericson Z1010. It wasn't meant for selfies the aim behind it was to use in business meetings.  Now a days more than 60 percent people have turn to their camera instead of mirror thus selfies rise in popularity. Recently in the year 2018 Snapchat introduced Snappables games users can play on screen with the augmented elements. Example, players try to catch on screen on screen eggs by opening their mouths. 

Virtual Reality and the selfies Facebook spaces, a Virtual Reality product for Oculus rift and touch controllers, allow friends to hang out in virtual reality, where their custom avatars can take selfies with virtual selfie sticks. Augmented Reality is moving selfies beyond social media and changing how we see ourselves. Apple's iPhone X using to unlock your smartphone with a look. 

Of course, Snapchat's not the only social media platform tapping into the innovative technology but Instagram's filters and Selfie Facebook Spaces also includes augmented reality. Selfies go beyond social media, with their ability to unlock phones or pay for purchases. Its fact the augmented reality has changed the entire selfie scenario and the wau the people can click and edit thier photos. 

Source: HOB