Revamping Customer Experience with NLP

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 20, 2018 | 8898 Views

These days Chatbots and Virtual Assistance are getting a lot of attention in the AI world. With the help of Siri it's very hard to find out the natural language processing chat so it's very hard to us as well "said Brian Canty, CEO and co-founder of Lea", this is a San Francisco-based company that has developed a Facebook messenger bot. Lea basically stands for live event assistant which delivers personalized show recommendations to users. The main idea behind this is to build a conversational platform so that users could chat and inform that they are interested in the event. 

E-Commerce and Retail industries are customer oriented and to stay competitive in the market the retailers should revamp the customer experience as customers are the king of the market. They need personal assistance and personal touch so that they can interact with them easily. So with the help of Artificial Intelligence industries are trying to revamp the customer experience. Now we can easily trigger the customer response and thus artificial intelligence can be applied to increase the efficacy of communication between consumers and the search engine. 
Natural language Processing is the perfect technology based on artificial intelligence for obtaining the feedback from the customers and easily understands the human words and NLP is the computer science that has various fields of application. This technology is customer-centric and it solves the query of the customers so that they feel the personal touch as can trust on the website.
 Following are the ways how NLP is used for Customer Feedback:
This is the prime goal of every industry to fulfill the expectations and needs of their customers and this task is the top priority for all the organizations. So by leveraging NLP technology customer services will get enhanced and get improved as well. 

  • Speech Recognition: The main implementation of this technology is chatbots. Recently like Siri, Skype translator or Facebook used this technology and many businesses love to record and analyze the customer calls so that they can get relevant response from that could improve the customer experience. 

  • Sentiment Analysis: It's not easy to know the emotions and sentiments of the people. But the sentiment analysis technology can know and manage these tasks. Like if we went to restaurant and ordered food so how the service provider can come to know about the quality and the emotions of the customer's.  So on the based on star rating the service provider can easily know the emotions. This technology plays very important role in monitoring brand image and product image on the web. Other than rating comments sections is also there so from the comments we can easily figure out the attitude and emotions which are rooted in the message. So with the help of NLP technology we can easily analyze the text data. 

  • Personalized Bots: According to Gartner, by the end of the year 2020, more than 55% of large organizations will focus on employing chatbots rather than E-Commerce application development. With the help of chatbots the customer can easily get to know the style preferences, price range, likes and dislikes of the outfit. To gain the customer's intent the NLP tech is the best fitted AI-based technology.   

  • Cost-Effective Approach: This could be the cost-effective approach only when if the consumers feel that their needs are satisfied and it is done on priority basis. This strategy will return and multiples the lines of loyal consumers. This technology could also analyze what exactly the consumers are demanding. This directly led to profit for the organization. 
Hence, AI helps to meet the expectations and needs of all the retail and E-Commerce businesses. This should be the prime goal of every industry to provide better customer experience which results in a high rating and increased conversations. 

Source: HOB