How Wikipedia uses Artificial Intelligence?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 20, 2018 | 11958 Views

The non- profit organization Wikimedia Foundation supports Wikipedia and decided to use Artificial Intelligence to educate more about the issues so that they can overcome from it. Many researchers from BYU (Brigham Young University) were successful in giving common sense to the artificial intelligence agents with the help of Wikipedia. 

Consider the monitor on your desk, you can look at it you can turn it on you can even pick it up or throw it but you can't impeach it, transpose it, justify it or correct it. That intuition, for the most part doesn't exist with computer artificial intelligence agents who are good at identifying objects but less so in knowing what to do with them. So BYU research team developed the method for teaching agents about affordances. There are set of actions that can be done with an object. The team's ambitious goal is to help or build androids that can walk around the world and interact with it intelligently. Such an android has incredible potential to do well and to help the people. But in the present scenario there are plenty of artificial intelligence agents who can identify what they are looking at, but they can't go beyond the ID. When Machine Learning researchers turn robots or artificially intelligent agents loose in unstructured environments, they try all kinds of crazy stuff. 
Understanding that Wikipedia offers a vast amount of mostly up to date language which is used, they downloaded it, ran it through a previously established algorithms that looks at words in their contexts. The computer is equipped with common-sense knowledge about the things that make sense. 

Following are the ways how Wikipedia Uses AI:
  • Wikimedia Foundation Partnering with Jigsaw to stop Abusive Comments: Moving forward and to control the wrong activities the Wikimedia Foundation partners with Jigsaw to avoid abusive comments on the project named Detox. These all can be possible with the help of Machine Learning. The main aim of the Jigsaw project is to develop an open source Artificial Intelligence platform to get rid of from the social harassment.  Now day's algorithms have created more clarity into the function and thus the Wikipedia can figure out the best way to fight with the negativity.

  • AI can Write Wikipedia Articles: Well, it sounds interesting that the Artificial Intelligence technology can also write Wikipedia articles. A team of Google Brain trained the software that gather information from the other web pages and then able to write Wikipedia articles. The use cases for artificial intelligence in the action of Wikipedia are still being enhanced machines can certainly help the organization to analyze the huge amount of data they generate daily. Better information and analysis strategy can obviously help Wikipedia create successful plans to kick-off the negativity from its community and recruitment issues for its contributors.

  • Object Revision Evaluation Service (ORES) System: It's very difficult to edit the articles, so the only hope to combat with this is the object revision evaluation service system. Here the machines were trained to edit the articles and get out of the issue. The ORES system can direct humans to edit their articles and can rectify their mistakes. 
Hence, these are the way how Wikipedia uses Artificial Intelligence and understanding that Wikipedia offers a vast amount of mostly up to date language which is used, they downloaded it, ran it through a previously established algorithms that looks at words in their contexts. 

Source: HOB