How AI is Transforming Construction Industry

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 7, 2018 | 11187 Views

AI has changed the ways that how all business performs and now artificial intelligence is also changing the way the construction industry does the business. The construction industry has found undeniably a great partner in technology. After a long period of time, now the technology can boost productivity, safety and other critical aspects of business success.
 Artificial Intelligence system performs such services via predictive maintenance, which basically multiplies the value of the Internet of Things (IoT).  With the help of AI one can get to learn the patterns which lead to failures and make predictions such as construction equipment failing if it is not serviced after a certain amount of time. The artificial intelligence also reduces injuries and boosts the productivity of the trained construction workers. Many techniques are used to get rid of those injuries like motion sensors by which the load on their joints can be predicted and maintained. These sensors also detect structural issues on some of the increasingly common developments in this sector. Machine learning makes the system smarter. Kranz makes the analogy that AI is the brain and IoT is the body, with IoT providing both input (data) and output (action) for the smart computing and analytics function of a centralized AI system. 

According to Harvard Business Review, more than 60% of the companies trust that they can only get success in future only by implementing artificial intelligence technology. The researchers are expecting changes from the artificial intelligence that it can modify or changes the business models as well as many more areas like logistics, support, workflow, automation, customer relationship. 

Artificial Intelligence made the construction industry much more efficient at the moment all our time gets messed up by we humans squabbling and having arguments about things when everything becomes much better in terms of processes when people have worked right through how these processes work then yes things become much more efficient intelligent style crunching big data style. Big data style crunching but we have got lots of prejudices which mean that we bring our own goal or agenda to bear the ability to crunch the lots of data in meaningful ways. 

Even more, artificial intelligence can help in recreating realistic situations for training, reducing injuries and costly mistakes and making operations more efficient. This can enable operators to better use existing labor resources, helping with the skilled labor shortage in construction, according to Kranz. In the future, cobots and robots can work alongside workers, helping to speed construction, make better decisions and reduce costs and injuries.

Source: HOB