How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way companies hire you?

By arvind |Email | Aug 7, 2018 | 6741 Views

It is undeniable that AI has left the realm of science fiction and is today science fact and recruiting is no exception. When it comes to the world of work, AI is already changing the way people hire and search for jobs. At its best, it offers new possibilities for tackling the problems people face in their professional and personal lives today. People are vital from one business to another. According to a recent survey conducted almost 66 percent of millennials expect to leave their current job by 2020. AI can help reduce the numbers for your organization, saving you time and money.

AI can help. Whether it's sourcing, scheduling, or screening, AI-powered tools have a lot to offer to make the recruitment process better for everyone involved. AI-based programs can connect with different sources of candidate information and initiate email conversations. The same tools can then build candidate profiles, keep on following up for a formal application, track application progress, and filter relevant applications from the larger set.

Human jobs are being broken down into hundreds of mini-tasks in a manner where machines can be made to do the same. AI is a tool that serves us. Every recruiter wants to create the best possible match between a job seeker and the right job opening. And with greater access to relevant data than ever before, recruiters are in a better position than ever to make this happen. AI technology can improve the odds of creating a great match-even right at the beginning of the process-by applying algorithms and making predictions that select only the most relevant jobs before showing them to job seekers. Using natural language processing abilities, AI can also comb through what are often text-heavy and unstructured resumes to pinpoint critical information and paint a more accurate picture of the ideal job for a particular candidate.

Job seekers and employers interact they build trust, loyalty and a sense of teamwork-and this cannot be replicated by machines. When the recruitment process is in full swing, HR becomes complex machinery with scores of moving parts. The procedural hassles that ensure consume significant man-hours. The result HR executives can only perform the basic tasks and skimp on more valuable tasks such as fine-tuning candidate interactions, conducting deeper background checks, and offering customized salary packages.

AI can help. Whether it's sourcing, scheduling, or screening, Artificial intelligence has a solution to attrition; AI can help you mitigate the cultural mismatch between your organization and your employees. The confluence of artificial intelligence and human resources creates exciting possibilities, wherein organizations can hire better, quicker, and by spending less money. Getting hired by AI is one such exciting possibility. 

No matter how advanced the technology gets, recruiting will remain a fundamentally human activity. Even as AI continues to make significant advances, it is never going to replace human recruiters. Rather it will enhance and improve our work.

Source: HOB