How can block chains help in making artificial intelligence more accessible?

By arvind |Email | Aug 6, 2018 | 5517 Views

 The two most talked about trends in technology today are blockchain and artificial intelligence. The integration of AI with blockchain opens plenty of opportunities openings that can be taken advantage by public and private sector stakeholders. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have come into the public eye over the past year, and most major tech companies are now using AI to impact our daily lives. This post is about the intersection of those two technologies.  AI platforms are today an integral part of a few large scale technology systems. There is a touch of AI in everything digital around you, be it searching for something on Google to purchasing a dress from Amazon.

Blockchain gives an approach to trade value embedded data without erosion and AI empowers placing data into action to make an incentive without human endeavours. AI can be utilized as the representing factor for keeping up changelessness in a blockchain network accordingly making one of the world's most secure ecosystems for data exchanges and transactions. A number of companies are already using them. A decentralized advertising ecosystem, benefits users, advertisers and content publishers by putting data back in the hands of users. . Amazon and Netflix are masters at AI automation and hyper-personalized advertising. By inconspicuously gathering customer data, they provide valuable recommendations to customers based on their preferences.

How AI and Blockchain will change lives for the better?

With both AI and Blockchain technologies garnering a wider range of applications, it is becoming more apparent that they should go beyond merely living side-by-side. In fact, these technologies can greatly benefit from one another.

The current situation of AI

How good an AI is depends upon how much data it has. That is how major tech companies are dominating the world of AI. Having the computing resources the gigantic data pool things are important to create better AI algorithms. Researching, training, and deploying AI is a game for companies that can gather, store, and analyze as much data as possible. This means that companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple dominate the rest of the field. The current paradigm is highly centralized. Companies hoard their data, protect their algorithms, and see hiring experts as a zero-sum game

Artificial Intelligence as a Democracy

Small companies, hobbyists, and everyday consumers should have the ability to create their own AI applications, in addition to the big companies that dominate the space right now.

The key to democratizing access to AI is decentralizing data and lowering computing costs for training algorithms. Blockchain technology can help with this transition on both counts.


Problems of Decentralized AI

There are still some big issues with moving data and computing power onto the blockchain. We‚??ll need to decide how decentralized data gets stored in a decentralized manner, what marketplaces people use to discover and use data, and how to incentivize consumers to share their data on the blockchain in the first place. If successfully implemented, blockchain and AI together could address many of the issues of centralization of power and wealth that affect society today.




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