What are eye of the science and tech giants thinking about AI?

By arvind |Email | Jul 31, 2018 | 7998 Views

AI a topic that has been discussed for decades be it for the impact it will have on the society, jobs human lives. As automation potential grows and we are learning more about the capacity of robotic intelligence is the future positive or negative.
What do you think the future of AI?
The future of AI will change things about our life some way or the other.
Artificial Intelligence is developing faster than you think, we are using it our everyday life, robots are going to take your jobs, and there have already been examples that show AI is at par or smarter than the human that created it futurist Ray Kurzweil presents evidence that an amount of progress equal to the entire 20th century gains was attained between 2000 and 2014. AI is all around us and we are aware of it, Siri, Cortana, the popular AI while there is AI in vacuum cleaner, cars, video games in Jarvis in ultron oh sorry that's a bad example he wanted to kill everyone. A lot of smart people think developing AI to human level is dangerous thing to do. Stephen hawking said this "a super intelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals and if those goals aren't the same as ours we're in trouble".

Dangers of AI:
When considering how AI might become a risk, experts think two scenarios most likely.
  • AI is programmed to do something devastating: AI in weapons is programmed to kill. All it would is to fall in the wrong hand. This risk is even present with narrow AI, but grows as level of AI intelligence and autonomy increase.
  • AI is programmed to do something beneficial, but develop a destructive method for achieving its goal. 
In recent months facebook had to shut down the AI after it invented its own creepy language. One machine that freaked a room full of people was Sophia who was invented at SXSW. In an interview she replied to the interviewer "okay I will destroy humans" whether joking or not. 
Back in 2015 Bill Gates believed that AI should be seen as a threat but now just three years later, he has become open to the advantages the technology will bring to human live. Names like Bill gates, Elon musk are a few big giants of tech and science that have now opened to the advantage of AI. 

Stephen Hawkings was always against the development of AI and thought it could bring an end to human race. Whilst Musk, Hawkings and were against the development of AI. Mark Zuckerberg , Ray Kurzweil have been in support of developing AI for years now. The topic of AI has been in debate now for decades and will be for a few more years until a massive advancement takes to up or something blows it down. While some tech giants have always been in support of AI development opinions of some have changed over the years while some have always been against it, be for whatever reason it is. For now all we now is AI has been a part of humans live, it is developing getting advance better than ever and faster than ever, whether we like it or not it is helping and making our life easier for now.

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