Highest Demanding Job Roles in the Year 2018

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jul 13, 2018 | 9156 Views

For all those who are searching for job, year 2018 is going to be the year where you can move further in the tech industry and here is the list of top 10 highest paying jobs. 

1. Full Stack Developer: Full Stack developer which earns about $110,000 per annum. Every company out there needs a website. A website is quite crucial for company's success as it works as bridge for connecting to the customers. Every functional website consists of two parts the front end and the back- end is the dynamic or interactive portion of a website that everyone is familiar with and the back end is the data driven side of an application that makes a website functional from behind the scenes. Now a full-stack developers is the jack of all trades as well as master of both the backend and the front end so for becoming a full-stack developer you should have knowledge about the front and technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript then you should also know and have mastered the popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as angular or react etc. and for backend you need to be good at designing API's and you should have good knowledge of server-side programming language like Python, PHP, Ruby, Java and many more. And also requires knowledge about databases like my MYSQL, Oracle etc. 

  • Design overall architecture of the web app.
  • Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications.
  • Working with graphic designers and converting designs to visual elements.

  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Angular, React, Ember, JQuery
  • API design and development
  • Python, PHP, Ruby, Java
  • Database- MYSQL, Oracle
2. Cloud Architect: The cloud architect draws on salary of about $1,000. A cloud architect job experts should have experience of five to six years in the cloud domain. The responsibilities of the cloud architect will vary from the organization to organization however the three main responsibilities currently that sit on the shoulders of a cloud architect will be able to lead the cultural change for cloud adoption to develop coordinate cloud architecture and to develop a cloud strategy to coordinate the adoption as well. 

  • Lead cultural change for cloud adoption.
  • Develop and coordinate cloud architecture.
  • Strategize cloud and manage its adoption.

  • Application Architecture
  • Automation and Orchestration.
  • Integration Architecture. 

3. Product Manager: Product Manager draws a salary of $124,688. The product manager is often considered as the CEO of the product and is responsible for strategy roadmap and feature definition for the product or the entire product line. Creating advertising and marketing strategies are a significant part of his or her duties. Product managers must be capable of working with many departments including sales, research and development as well as advertising, public relations and shipping.

  • Contribute towards product strategy and vision.
  • Deliver the operable plan.
  • Plan, manage and implement the marketing activities for success of the product.
  • Collect, analyze and respond to user feedback.

  • Leadership skillship and communication.
  • Visionary.
  • Good analytical abilities.
  • Relationship management.
  • Time- management.

4. DevOps Engineer: DevOps engineer who draws an average annual salary of $ 131,045. For this profile the minimum experience required is at least 2 years. DevOps engineer are liable for the liable for the primary responsibility of the DevOps 

  • Designing and setting up infrastructure.
  • Shell scripting in Python, Perl, Ruby, and PHP.
  • Integrating cloud services for automation.
  • Orchestration of DevOps tools. 

  • Admin, coding and scripting.
  • Automating DevOps tools like Git, Puppet and Maven.

5. Systems Architect: System Architect draws an average annual salary $131,175. A system architect job expects from two to seven years of integrity of system and network development experience and need to excel in strategic system architecture system and network development QA expertise if you want to be a systems architect you will be responsible for three basic tasks the first is strategy and planning where you will be responsible for designing and implementing short and long term strategy goals for managing and maintaining systems and software. Responsible for acquisition and deployment here you must design, create and monitor the implementation of end-to-end integrated systems for operational management here the system architects will consult with the department heads and end to end users to further develop the infrastructure. 

  • Strategy and planning.
  • Acquisition and deployment.
  • Operational management.
  • Integrity of systems.

  • Strategic system architecture.
  • QA expertise.
  • System and network development.

6. Artificial Intelligence Architect:  AI is basically creating smart machines. Salary of AI architect is $147,650. Stephen Hawkins once said success in creating artificial intelligence would be the biggest event in the human history. AI architect role is to develop and complex AI solution to meet the client's requirement so he or she should be pretty good with mathematics and stats and also good hand-on knowledge related to technologies like deep learning, machine learning etc. 

  • Advise clients and best AI solutions.
  • Development of AI solution.  
  • Good communication skills.
  • Developing complex AI architecture.

  • Strong mathematics and Statistics background.
  • Technical expertise on technology related to AI.
7. Blockchain Lead Architect and Engineer: They get an average salary of $150,000. Blockchain has gained a huge interest and even a great demand professionals targeting this job growth requires about five to eight years of experience with knowledge on various blockchain platforms and their implementation. The primary responsibility of a blockchain architect is to develop business solutions via blockchain for various systems.

  • Develop and implement blockchain architecture for various domains.
  • Maintain and upgrading existing solutions.
  • Integrate various platform solutions through blockchain.

  • Distributed ledger technology.
  • Deep knowledge of blockchain platforms and implementation.
  • Consensus mechanisms. 

8. Internet of Things (IoT) Architect: They get an average salary $167,038. Internet of Things today is the biggest bust that is out. Everyone wants a smarter car, home and a smarter everything what better position to be. The IoT needs to be about 10 plus years of industrial experience. 

  • Build industry standard connective platform.
  • Architect complex hardware and firmware systems.

  • Hardware design and architecture.
  • Security methods implemented.
  • Open hardware standards.

9. Big Data Solutions Architect: They get an average salary $178.258. It requires two years of experience with big data tools like Hadoop, MapReduce and many more. 
  • Addresses big data problem.
  • Designs a Big data on premise environment.

  • Big Data slack.
  • AWS
  • Programming Languages.

10. Data Scientists: They get an average salary $242,000. A data scientist performs statistical analysis and know-how of leveraging the power of computing frameworks to fine process. A skill required for data scientists is mathematical skills and statistical skills as well. 

  • Identify business issues and propose solutions.
  • Use machine learning tools and statistical techniques.
  • Collect and transform data.
  • Creating data models.

  • Programming
  • Statistics and Mathematics.
  • Communication.
  • Visualization
Hence, these all are the highest paying and demanding jobs in the year 2018. 

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