Understanding the concept of Artificial Intelligence

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jul 10, 2018 | 7944 Views

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Answered by Anirudh Sharma on Quora: 
Imagine you have a smart home. You wake up in the morning and your virtual assistant realizes that. Pulls the curtains on the window for you, gives you an update on the weather outside and all the things you have to do on that particular day.
You enter a room and the lights and the ac are turned on automatically! Every little electronic device is connected to run on their own.

This is the doing of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science dedicated to creating intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

Some of the important features of Artificial intelligence are:
1. Speech recognition
2. Object detection
3. Solving problems and learning from a given set of dataset
4. Plan an approach for future tasks to be performed

There are 4 distinct types of Artificial Intelligence and they are:
  • Purely Reactive: Reacts based on its surrounding environment and do not need any previous data.
  • Limited Memory:  Makes use of current and previous data to complete a given task.
  • Theoy of Mind: Has the ability to understand human emotions and socialize.
  • Self- Aware: It is the future generation of Machines. They will be super intelligent, sentient and conscious.
To know more about Artificial Intelligence, watch these videos:
Artificial Intelligence can be achieved in two ways:
1.Machine Learning
2.Deep Learning.

Machine Learning provides Artificial Intelligence with the ability to learn and adapt and solve problems on its own based on some algorithms.

Deep Learning makes it possible for Artificial Intelligence to function like a human, and probably even a more intelligent version of a human. It imitates the functioning of a human brain to make decisions and complete a task.

Artificial intelligence are software programs that mimic the way humans learn and solve complex problem. These systems are different from other applications which mainly process transactions and takes decisions which are explicitly programmed. Such applications cannot learn on their own. With the adoption of Mobile Cloud Social Media technology large amount of data has been collected and AI systems need large amount of data for learning and adoption. This may be one reason why they did not take off early. With Prime Ministers push for Digital India and Make in India significant investments have gone to build eco-system on which applications can be developed.

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