How Artificial intelligence is reshaping the Workforce management

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 13, 2018 | 12075 Views

The technology and automation has revolutionized the HR practices and now artificial intelligence is reshaping the workforce management and making HR manager more strategic. AI provide any solutions to increase workforce productivity and employee engagement.
The traditional HR practices has been transformed with the help of process automation, data driven approach to employee management. But in the era of technology, most HR manager faced with the challenges to strike a balance between human element ad machine element at the workplace for better productivity.
AI solutions to improve HR practices
Artificial intelligence has wide scope of applicability and potential to improve HR practices and delivers higher level of experience to HR manager.
  • Talent Acquisition
AI help HR to become more strategic by doing most of the tedious or mundane tasks. Now, no need to look into large number of applications or resume. AI with the help of Natural Language Processing and analyses Job Description and required skills can scan, read and scrutinized candidates to match candidate with the job roles easily and quickly at the level of screening out level with the help of talent acquisition software. This relieve recruiters from mundane work and they can spend more time in strategic functions. The whole process improves the quality of hiring process and reduce the cost of decision making 
  • On boarding process
On boarding process is of great importance to make employee familiar and comfortable with the organization value and culture. It requires high attention towards employees to make them fit for their job positions. A HR manager can't give much time to each and every new employee. Here, AI can resolve the problem by offering customized on boarding programs. An effective on board training also reduces the chance of attrition.
  • Training & Development
AI with its virtual assistance and other technology helps employees to adopt new technologies and learn new skill sets to keep themselves upgraded and competitive in the dynamic environment. Also, determines the time frame for new courses and schedule customized lesson training. So, AI plan, organize and coordinate training and development program to improve professional skills of employees.
For example, is a female employee tells virtual assistance that she is pregnant and while congratulating her the virtual agent can suggest her related HR policies and about maternity leaves then it employees will feel happier. So, AI can help employees to resolve their queries and improve work life balance.
  • Performance assessment
High performance and employee's productivity is the result of employee engagement which is one of the challenging roles of HR manager. Artificial intelligence tool help HR manager to set concrete objective and assess continuous performance. It also helps to track human behavior and actions towards accomplishment and detect who has shown less engagement. Analyzing this HR manager can take strategic decision to improve performance and productivity. 
  • Employee retention
Most of the organization faced with the problem of high attrition rate. Retaining an employee is as difficult as acquiring an existing employee. Artificial intelligence provide solution to this problem as well. With the help of AI tools, HR manager can analyses and predict the potential need and expectation of employees from the organization. Also, it can determine affinities and reveal who should get a hike or who are not happy. So, this provides a proactive approach to manage workforce as HR manger can predict employee's behavior ad actions and take decisions at right time to retain employees.
So, AI can help in strategic human resource management right from talent acquisition to training to performance appraisal to the employee's retention. It reduces the time and improve quality in the working of HR manager

Source: HOB